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Services we offer / Brochure Website

Voodish will uniquely design for each project, based on valid XHTML and CSS code, designed with accessibility in mind. The North Wales Brochure website costs £499.

Brochure website example

Purple Sue Professional Sculpturer, UK.
screenshot purple sue
XHTML 1.0 | CSS | Brochure Package | AAA | 508

Voodish offer add-ons to some of the websites. For example, we offer a Gallery add-on for the Brochure site (£499) for an extra £149.

The add-on has a complete admin section for uploading photos and managing directory structure.

What do I get with a Brochure website?

* The site will come with 12 month domain name registration or 24 months if you should require a .co.uk domain.

All you need to get your Business Online.

A complete Business solution, including email, web design and development from £499, we must be mad!

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Add ons

The most commonly asked for add-ons are News and Gallery sections.

Gallery Add-on from £149
News Manager Add-on from £199

We can also provide much more bespoke content for your website including Social Content feeds (e.g. Facebook / Twitter), Interactive direction maps, Call back features, interactive books, animated graphics and much more. We can also quote for any additional requirements you may need, just let us know what you would like and we'll return with a competitive quote within 48 hours. Contact us today