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Summit Junkie Review

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Summit Junkie

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Comments: 9 comment
Catergories: Entertainment / Mixed / Orange / Organic /

Summit Junkie Information

Address / URL: http://www.summitjunkie.co.uk/ Feed: feed
Description: Summit Junkie - High quality mountain based products from North Wales, UK.
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9 Comments on Summit Junkie

  1. 77d October 1, 2010

    Pretty cool layout there, like the scrollers! How did you get that all working in Magento!?

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  3. admin October 1, 2010

    Thanks 77d, still a few more bits and bobs to do, but it has taken quite a time to get everything working together.

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  5. claireB October 1, 2010

    Great Mountain shot on the front page. Where is that taken from?

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  7. admin October 1, 2010

    Hi Claire,
    I believe the photo was taken on the top of Crib Goch on the way to Snowdon (the hairy way)… here’s a bigger shot for you:

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  9. TreVoR October 3, 2010

    Cool site, quite graphic heavy though.

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  11. magerun October 4, 2010

    Nice site.

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  13. admin October 4, 2010

    @ TVR ;) - Yes there are quite a lot of graphics on the site, notably each background changes per mountain.

    We’ve used some clever code here, so that the background will scale with the resolution, so you don’t get that usual background repitition, cut off or fade out (which also adds file size to the graphic).

    The only downside is slightly more code to do this… I think we’ll see how well it runs like this, then re-address it if there are any problems reported. We can easily change it back to a CSS background if need be.

    @magerun: thanks, we’re glad you like it.

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  15. Tom99 October 16, 2010

    Very nice work, not too fussed on the logo though.

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  17. philco May 29, 2011

    nice - saw these at woodfest, quality tees

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