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Body and Face Options Review

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Beauty Therapy Clinic

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Comments: 6 comment
Catergories: Black / Brown /

Body and Face Options Information

Address / URL: http://www.bodyandfaceoptions.co.uk/ Feed: feed

6 Comments on Body and Face Options

  1. Pixel9 November 3, 2009

    Very smart design, colours are bang on.

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  3. r2media November 3, 2009

    Very nice site, didn’t quite have 5 stars due to some of the pages being a little sparse, and in need of a graphic, but above average this one.

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  5. Ceri November 8, 2009

    Nice Colours.

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  7. PhilT November 13, 2009

    Again, another strong design there - most of your sites seem to engage the user quickly, thumbs up!

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  9. Rachel99 December 1, 2009

    nice! strong warm colours

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  11. hermes birkin April 17, 2012

    strong warm colours

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