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Could this be the Fastest Desktop PC?

Circuit Board

US Wizz kids at the University of Maryland have emerged from their labs with a desktop parallel computing system they say is 100 times faster than current PCs.

According to Network World, the computer uses a circuit board about the size of a license plate upon which the boffins have stuck 64 parallel processors.

Supposedly the electronics proved to be ‘not that difficult’, but writing the software which could efficiently use the 64 processors was a bit tricky. The parallel algorithms research community had developed a theory of parallel algorithms called the Parallel Random-Access Model (PRAM). No one took this seriously because it was real egg-head stuff and it had never operated in a real computer before.

However Vishkin said the algorithms the project used made it possible to use 64 processors efficiently for general-purpose computing tasks for the first time.

Vishkin says the prototype device’s physical hardware attributes are “strikingly ordinary” standard computer components executing at 75MHz.

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  1. suray June 28, 2007

    A desktop parallel computing system is ingenious idea, but I’ve heard that the next generation of computing will be born in Biology or Chemistry area… Using the neural computing and biology molecular advantage.

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  3. Phillip O'Sullivan July 3, 2007

    HEY! Where can an artist buy one?

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  5. Robert Welsby May 10, 2008

    bet we can’t get our hands on one this side of ten years

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