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Windows 7 Snap for Two Screens

If you are using two monitors and want to have four windows open side by side using the Windows 7 snap feature, then using your mouse to snap to the edge of the monitors will only work with the far left and right of the two monitors, the section inbetween the two monitors will NOT snap using the mouse.

However, if you use the following keyboard combination, the windows will snap to the centre section between the two monitors; making great use of your screen real estate:

1. Whilst holding down the Windows key
2. Tap the directional arrows left and right until you have achieved the four window placement.

windows7 snap 4 windows.jpg
I know this is a super easy how to, but it is such a neat feature for those using two screens that I thought I would post it up :D

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  1. macbooky August 18, 2010

    Still not as good as Snow Leopard.

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  3. admin August 18, 2010

    SnowLeopard has a nice UI - especially impressive with the 27 inch iMac screen (2560 by 1400 or there abouts).

    Not quite the resolution of x2 24inch 1920’s though.

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