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Wii Speak by Nintendo, are there any senses left


There’s no doubting the Wii was a ground breaking introduction to the console market with it’s highly interactive feature set, most noticeably the ingenious controller, which vibrates and interactively moves pre-programmed elements on screen.

Nintendo have continued this development with lots more clever kit for the console; including the Wii Fit system a multitude of controller add-ons including tennis rackets and fishing rods to guitars and light guns.

With all our senses fully loaded, there has been one that has been left somewhat behind; speech.

But not for long, as there is now a new system appropriately named Wii Speak to be introduced into the plethora of Wii kit available.

The user can access the Wii Speak Channel from the main menu allowing contact with four other Wii users which can be anywhere in the world - here you can chat, share pictures and messages all at no extra cost.

Although fun as well as free, there is a safety aspect to the Wii Speak service as users will have to share a private “Friend Code” in order to communicate.

Launch Date

The new service will be launched across Europe on December 5th this year and will connect users with the free-to-use Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

This won’t be a one-to-one personal chat though, - Wii Speak will connect directly to the console and pick up the conversation from an entire room of people meaning the fun (and arguments) are shared all around.

This latest Nintendo feature will also bring the user’s Mii to life - as each personal character will appear on screen to represent that specific user, it will also speak in time with what the user says.

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