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UK set to get Super fast Broadband at 100Mbps

Autumn 2008 proposes to be an exciting time for some UK consumers as 100Mbps broadband will be made available. As with most new services, this will be limited to a select few, around 600 homes to be precise, but this will hopefully rise to 10,000 homes by the year 2020.

The fibre Optic Super fast Broadband will be laid in the sewer network of the lucky city, either Bournemouth, Dundee or Northampton by Fibre Optic firm H20.

What does this mean for the user?

With connection rates this high, the ability to stream High Definition signals will be achievable - making downloading DVD quality films in minutes a reality.

New Estates to have this technology built in

BT has pledged to provide all new housing estates in the UK with fibre connections it has not yet made clear its plans for existing homes.

Antony Walker, head of the UK’s Broadband Stakeholder’s Group, cautioned that the H20 scheme could not create a fibred Britain alone.

There are clearly benefits to using the sewers and this fibre deployment is good news but it is only a small piece of the jigsaw,

he said.

Unfortunately these technologies almost always happen in City based areas first, so it will be some time before we see it here in North Wales.

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