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Turn any mobile phone into a heart rate monitor


The company who brought us the BodyKom™ series are at it again.

Kiwok, a Swedish software company have developed an amazing and potentially live saving device which attaches to any mobile phone to monitor heart rate function.

The device is said to connect to any mobile phone handset, attaching one end to the mobile and the other over the heart muscle. Effectively turning the mobile phone into an ECG (electro-cardiogram).

The system is currently designed for patients recovering from heart attacks, but could eventually be widened to the general public.

At the moment heart attack patients are kept in hospital for two days, during which they’re wired up to machines for monitoring. After that they go home. This is the most vulnerable time for them,

said Bjorn Soderborg, Marketing director.

Mobile technology like this could keep them safe for longer. It also means that patients could be monitored without having to permanently wire them up to a machine.

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