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The most complex scientific instrument ever built to be switched on (now with Video)

Hadron Collider

The most complex scientific instrument ever built was to be switched on in November 2007, but due to complications the experiment has now been set back to Summer / Autumn 2008; Cern particle lab schedule slips.

The Large Hadron Collider promises to recreate the conditions right after the Big Bang.


By revisiting the beginning of time, scientists hope to unravel some of the deepest secrets of our Universe. In the epic quest to find the meaning of ‘everything’, the understanding of the Universe in infinite detail - the God particle.


Large Hadron Collider Video 1 of 3

[youtube _fJ6PMfnz2E]

Large Hadron Collider Video 2 of 3

[youtube MQNPpeVvZ9w]

Large Hadron Collider Video 3 of 3

[youtube _XbKZwXK-3c]

God Particle

Within these first few moments the building blocks of the Universe were created. The search for these fundamental particles has occupied scientists for decades but there remains one particle that has stubbornly refused to appear in any experiment. The Higgs Boson is so crucial to our understanding of the Universe that it has been dubbed the God particle. It explains how fundamental particles acquire mass, or as one scientist plainly states: “It is what makes stuff stuff…”

So what’s the tab?

Over the 20 year lifespan of the experiment it is estimated that $6 billion will be lavished on the search for the God particle and other sub-atomic phenomena. If it is successful the LHC could open the door to a complete understanding of the world around us and even help yield the ultimate goal of physics… a theory of everything.

Source: BBC News

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  1. Dan April 26, 2007

    Some say this machine will be the end of us all.
    The Lifeboat Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to safeguarding humanity from what it considers threats to our existence, has stated that artificial black holes could “threaten all life on Earth” and so it proposes to set up “self-sustaining colonies elsewhere.”

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  3. David April 28, 2007

    Show me God. I’ve seen little to prove the existence, and so much to disprove

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  5. Phil April 28, 2007


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  7. Tracy May 8, 2007

    ….why take the risk? What’s to be proven?
    is this a challange to Murphy’s law?
    use the money for more worthwhile matters….
    hunger for instance.

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  9. Dave May 9, 2007

    man did not come as far as it has by sitting on the side lines and playing it safe

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  11. Betsy May 10, 2007

    I know when I look a little closer, have a bit more patience and I drop my ME attitude, I find God all around! But mostly… he is with in. So I take a bit more time trying to discover him with in me and I find less doubting going on!
    We have come along way in science but as history has proven that some discoveries would have been better off left undiscovered. (Course as the human mind goes, how do we know this until we tried it. Ignoring caution certainly has its repercussion!)
    So is it nature changing our course,global warming going on or is this a repercussion to someones science experiment? hmmm

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  13. Lolla May 16, 2007

    Man as an organism has survived eons relying on base instinct. I think we should listen when, upon reading this article, our insides cramp up and we have the urge to run away…obviously there is something drooling under the bed.

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  15. Joe May 17, 2007

    This isn’t about proving or disproving god. It’s about understanding the physics behind all matter in the Universe, regardless of how you believe it came to be. And to some people there is no matter more worthwhile. Why take the risk? You wouldn’t be using a computer right now without quantum physics.

    Also, If you believe global warming is some sort of punishment from your personal god you are insane.

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  17. Graeme McCormack May 17, 2007

    This is wonderful. I can’t wait.

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  19. Dan Butler May 17, 2007

    …… It’s not…literally God, guys. “God particle.” It’s a moniker. Mon-ik-er. Means nickname.

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  21. James May 17, 2007

    Joe when did Betsy say global warming was “some sort of punishment from your personal god”? All Betsy said was someone science experiment had adverse effects and caused it. Meaning technology caused it not god.

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  23. Elliot May 17, 2007

    I am in awe and horrified all at the same time. This should be something to keep our eyes on. GULP…

  24. Go to Top of the page

  25. John May 17, 2007

    If you look around at the wonderful things on this planet, even the planet itself, you will see that there must be a God. http://everystudent.com/features/isthere.html?gclid=COTd5…

    Also, wasn’t there a movie on SciFi channel that has a big machine that makes a black hole and starts to swallow the planet??? Is that what we’re doing here, trying to swallow the planet!?! :)

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  27. Dr3z74 May 17, 2007

    sure it can recreate the conditions found at the beginning and may be the last thing we need to finaly understand everything in the wonderful world of physics or cause the total anniliation of all life on earth but makeing a black hole, but can it do the makaraina

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  29. Nate May 17, 2007

    @Dan Butler
    Yeah, but what you don’t realize is that God is a God particle. Part-ik-ul. Means essence.

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  31. silus May 18, 2007

    Higgs Boson is the Baby Jesus.

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  33. Rob May 18, 2007

    If anyone can find the dictionary that says the meaning of particle is ‘essence’ I will be very impressed. If humans relied exclusively on instict, we would never have created fire, which arguably, we had less control over than this. If that were the case we would still be thowing rocks at animals and there would be a lot more hunger.

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  35. Sfar May 19, 2007

    It sounds thrilling to me! We need to know the underlying physics-the ultimate goal of all physicists

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  37. Mike May 20, 2007

    Our computers run on quantum physics theories???? HOLY CRAP.

    They don’t, actually.

    Err, not yet anyway.

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  39. Glenn May 21, 2007

    You know that saying look at the things around you because they exist god exists and because god exists they exist its circular reasoning that very thing that some of the worlds most ignorant creationist claim of evolution because they fear they could be wrong on there belief so a good response to fear is hate

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  41. Rev. Steve May 21, 2007

    If this universe was created by a single entity, it doesn’t care about every person on this planet from one day to the next.

    Science can save millions and kill millions, can kill an unborn child or save it, can spread or stop disease. I like to see a room full of people on their knees do even the most trivial things science has achieved.

    If you don’t think we should be messing with science at this level, I’m sorry but no one cares.

    Religion is for scared little minds that are not capable of making tough decisions and need a mythical guide to lead them. Do you think the tooth fairy is real or santa? Grow up and while you’re at it stop killing in the name of religion.

    end religion end suffering for millions. If you’re a good person, you don’t need to be led by a bunch of power hungry people in funny clothes.

    Free you minds religion is for fools!!

    Science will probably be a party to the end of humanity but i’ll wager the war will have religious undertones.

  42. Go to Top of the page

  43. Korvis May 21, 2007

    the beauty of the world has nothing to do with anybody’s gods. the world has evolved to be the way it is. beauty and ugliness. i really cant wait to see what happens when they turn the machine on. giant step for mankind, hopefully anyway.

  44. Go to Top of the page

  45. Fynt May 21, 2007

    Its soooo dark in here, and that splashing oily sound under our feet, and that powerful smell of gases. Someone gimme a match so I can see how all this makes any sense. I’ll show you what it all means. Stttrrrriiiikkkkeee, va BOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh so this is where we kept God.

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  47. Shambler May 22, 2007

    I really wish I could say anything that would even remotely be as good as the comments already posted. All I can say is this:

    Turn it on. Bring it on.

  48. Go to Top of the page

  49. Aaron May 22, 2007

    When you consider the U.S. military spending for 2007 alone is 239 billion, 6 billion no longer seems so large.

  50. Go to Top of the page

  51. Watcher May 22, 2007

    Just thinking, if this thing actually works, and we come up with a working theory on the beginning of everything ever, does that mean that i can proudly say that i was around in the first years that must inevitably lead to the end of religion. yeah sure i realize that its a long way off, but when people start wondering where the universe came from and science can offer a logical reason surely thats gonna stop people searching for the answer in religion.
    i may just be an optimist, but i think this may be the beginning of the end for religion….

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  53. Chris May 22, 2007

    If I’m around for the day that a scientific experiment is performed wherein religious theories are torn down, I will feel VERY privileged.

    One giant leap for mankind indeed.

  54. Go to Top of the page

  55. Doug May 22, 2007

    Some things we are not to know. Giant step for mankind?
    Perhaps the end of mankind. Back in the 1940’s the nuclear scientists thought that a nuclear blast might set the Earth’s atmosphere on fire, but they went ahead and did it anyway. This time?, bye folks.

  56. Go to Top of the page

  57. Noah Hornberger May 22, 2007

    This article has absolutely nothing to do with finding God or creating black holes, or risking everything. It looks to me like a scientific process aimed at gathering information about our dynamically changing universe. We can’t exactly hold it in our hands and examine it (not legally anyway) so we have to make instruments of technology in order to see it on the granular level that leads to understanding.

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  59. Martin May 22, 2007

    Pretty sure our computers -do- actually rely on Quantum theory, even if there not “Quantum” computers. Most computers are semiconductor based, the physical theory of which is heavily based in quantum theory. Not to mention magnetic hard drives, which rely on Ferromagnetism, itself a purely Quantum mechanical effect.

  60. Go to Top of the page

  61. Daniel Hetherwick May 22, 2007

    Hey, you guys need to do your homework. If you researched this more or already knew about it like me, then you would know that black holes appear anywhere and everywhere. OMG!! there’s a black hole on your shirt!!! But really, black holes exist everywhere but are extremely small and last almost immeasurable small amounts of time.

  62. Go to Top of the page

  63. Lunes May 22, 2007

    I think it’s awesome my instincts don’t tell me to run in fact they tell me to turn it on as soon as it’s ready…

  64. Go to Top of the page

  65. Laz May 22, 2007

    Lets boot it up, and hope it doesnt run on windows :p

  66. Go to Top of the page

  67. Raphael May 22, 2007

    I say go with the experiment, it will help us understand the universe more.As for the God stuff, God is a force within(people,trees,animals etc.) Just as nature has forces, the God force is even in nature. It allows existence. It is existence. I’ll bet that God force wants us to experiment more. We have to experiment in order to survive.(let’s remember how penicillin came about)It may have been an accident, but someone had to ingest it as an experiment even after the lab tests)And if the organized religions don’t like this…makes me wonder why not? Are they hiding something?

  68. Go to Top of the page

  69. ME! May 23, 2007

    Ya know, I think that the atomic bomb made this same kind of feeling before they tested it for the first time.

  70. Go to Top of the page

  71. serbia May 23, 2007

    i am not sure but i think that you need much more power to make black hole powerful enough to destroy the earth.sorry for bad writing

  72. Go to Top of the page

  73. Sharad May 23, 2007

    The smallest particle may be discovered.We may understand the big bang and the smallest bang which may be in the origin of big bang.We may discover God and destroy Devil.But,still the un-manifest will allude us and we will remain impure.Therefore,surrender and love each other to enjoy the bliss in and around.

  74. Go to Top of the page

  75. Sharad Khandelwal May 23, 2007

    The smallest particle may be discovered.We may understand the big bang and the smallest bang which may be in the origin of big bang.We may discover God and destroy Devil.But,still the un-manifest will allude us and we will remain impure.Therefore,surrender and love each other to enjoy the bliss in and around.

  76. Go to Top of the page

  77. Ron May 23, 2007

    You guys do realize that only 4 percent of the known universe is made up of atoms right? if I may quote

    “Twenty-three percent of the universe is made from mysterious unseen material dubbed dark matter because scientists know so little about it. The remainder—73 percent—is made up of yet another poorly understood force called dark energy.”

    so yea, we’ll understand 4 percent of the universe with this HOPEFULLY, however heh who the hell cares. a lot more thought went into this then the Nasa program. I vote we pay the russians to handle our space program, they achieve the same goals with a quarter of the amount of money it takes the States.

    lastly on the god issue, once you start looking at the vastness of the universe that is just known you kind of realize that there is a somewhat probably chance of there being a being able to see all things. If anyone keeps up with this type of advancement a researcher recently was able to store information in a light particle… meaning a being of light isnt like everything else in the universe unlikely. I mean really look at how much we can manipulate with our very basic understand, think of a being with a much more vast understanding of the universe and im sure you can see how there could possibly be a “god” all a matter of probability when it comes down to it

  78. Go to Top of the page

  79. OnApoint May 23, 2007

    How come every time God is mentioned in an article, God himself is used as a legit argument. It clearly said, God particle, not God him/her self. Besides, humans are alway’s compelled to search and create. It is in our nature to do so.
    Did God himself not create? We are afcourse in his/hers image. So are we not busying our selfs with the divine itself?
    The machine is just a way to create more machines. Bless us humans for doing what we must.
    I support this, it is an interesting glimps in to the inner workings of the universe.


  80. Go to Top of the page

  81. Jack May 23, 2007

    From what I’ve read, the chances of a black hole forming have been greatly overstated. In fact, even putting it in terms of probability would be misleading since it’s a binary matter of the theory being right or wrong.
    As others have said, saying that we should take $6bn away from science and use it to provide aid is laughable, firstly because the money could be better taken from other places and secondly because if the experiment is successful, it will likely reveal technologies which will have a much larger long-term impact on poverty and hunger than $6bn, which is a drop in the ocean of global poverty. We could easily give $6bn in aid and a year later not be able to see any change whatsoever.

    NB: I fully expect it to be sabotaged by some form of fanatic (likely candidates: Kent Hovind and his merry men). Even if physical restrictions hadn’t necessitated it, building it underground would have been wise anyway.

  82. Go to Top of the page

  83. Agent Smith May 23, 2007

    The reason this is so critically important is that when we crack god’s math, its like gettin to the next level in Sonic the Hedgehog. In the next level, God starts healing amputees, stops gargantuan death tolls via natural disaster, stops people committing genocide, stops kiddy porn, murder, rape, and all of the other things he’s supposed to protect the faithful from in this stage of the game but refuses to until we prove ourselves. (and lets be frank, we really do need to earn our stripes on this one)

    And this is the just the next stage in the test! Imagine what he’ll start doing once we crack the ‘time’ code!! (BTW did anyone else notice that the DNA code thing was just a decoy?? Man, did that tick me off!)

    Mind you at the rate we’re going, we’ll be at the final stage in no time; y’know… the one where when you win, you find out that god isn’t actually real at all! But there’s no cheat that gets you to that stage without going through all the others first (but if you ask most theists, it is far too scary for that stage to actually exist)

    Game on!

    Agent Smith

  84. Go to Top of the page

  85. mark May 23, 2007

    FYI: if anything goes wrong then stupid people will try to accuse science (and scientists) for playing god. That would not end the world but would delay the progress of our civilization. I’m pretty sure that guys assembling the LHC are aware of this and about the stupidity of the average ppl.

  86. Go to Top of the page

  87. David May 23, 2007

    Religion will always be the enemy of science because science destroys the mystery that keeps religion alive. Religion is sustained by horrible things that science has the power to cure.

  88. Go to Top of the page

  89. Dobbs_Head May 23, 2007

    I can’t believe the quantity of psuedo science I just read in the comments section.

    The earth is not going to be destroyed. Through hard work and scientific progress, things (despite what all kinds of people like to say) are better now than they were 200 years ago. Infant mortality rates are down, healthcare is up, famines are rare, and communication and transit are easy. Science has pretty much given us all the tools we need to live long and healthy lives. The fact that many of those tools are also used for harm is dwarfed by the sheer quantity of good science does.

    Even if a black hole is created, it will be so irrelavently tiny that it will evaporate faster than it can grow. That’s assuming our understanding of quantum black-hole physics is acurate. Now would all you psuedo-science talking, religious, uneducated fools just shut up and let us scientists get back to work?

  90. Go to Top of the page

  91. SHIV May 24, 2007

    That’s a waste of 6 billion bucks, that money could have been given to something else more important. We have lived a few thousand years w/o knowing whatever they are trying to figure out, I don’t think we need to know it now. That money could have been given to parts of Africa or something, not that type of stupid “experiment”.

  92. Go to Top of the page

  93. Jawa May 24, 2007

    What a waste of money! They’ll turn it on, then exclaim proudly about some obscure particle that has been theorized but never observed before. The story will get 15 seconds of air time on the evening news, and then it will all be over.

    There is no practical application for this. Knowledge simply for the sake of knowledge is pointless. The goal of science should be to improve the human condition. Any other goal is just some scientist showing their vanity.

  94. Go to Top of the page

  95. Kendra May 24, 2007

    Oh Lord we’re all going to die. Hahaha.
    It will be interesting to see how this turns out, but…d’ya ever think there are just some things we don’t need to understand?
    Like Shiv said, we coulda used that 6 billion to something a lot more…useful. Other than trying to answer questions that will do little more than satisfy vague curiousities, if not just spark new ones.

  96. Go to Top of the page

  97. Therealjoe May 24, 2007

    This is good news.

    It requires enormous amount of energy to sustain a black hole with enough mass to destroy the earth. Black holes have to be huge to sustain themselves for long periods of time. This experiment may lead to new advancements in anti matter which we could create energy with.

    Back when they created the atom bomb Einstein thought it would start a chain reaction which would engulf the universe.

    If the money is sent for aide it will go up in smoke. If you get a piece of bread to feed someone that will be temporary but if you create a bread maker then they can feed them self.

  98. Go to Top of the page

  99. Mike May 24, 2007

    Throwing money at world hunger solves nothing, in fact it compounds the problem. As shown by all life on the planet, population expands to meet the food supply and declines when it exceeds the ability of the ecosystem to support it. So by dumping ‘aid’ in impoverished areas we continue to allow the population to increase which creates even more poverty for those regions in coming generations. Its a difficult reality, but those populations must be allowed to decline to within the limits set by the ecosystem.
    On topic: Im excited for tests. Throw that switch!

  100. Go to Top of the page

  101. Alex Wojtak May 24, 2007

    Yes, it may create small black holes, but those appear anyway. The radiate away again almost instantly. The energies of the collisions that will be created occur from cosmic rays already, and we’re still here.

    “Our computers run on quantum physics theories???? HOLY CRAP.

    They don’t, actually.

    Err, not yet anyway.”

    -Well, they do. Flash memory, for example, works by quantum mechanical tunnelling.

  102. Go to Top of the page

  103. Justin May 24, 2007

    So let me get this straight….6 billion dollars used in the advance of science and overall human knowledge is considered a waste?

    Let me guess..the same people who say that are the ones who would go blow 200 bucks on a ticket for some silly game played by half brain dead college drunks who are allowed to skate by just because they have coordination. Or they believe that the massive waste of human lives and money we use to engage in war and war science are wholly justifiable.

    In the grand scheme of the world economy, 6 billion would only work to improve the lives of a few for a very short time. The hundreds of billions that are wasted on over-paying athletes/actors/etc and other pointless recreational pursuits would be much more appropriate for this purpose. I mean, we have all these people that will blow 200 bucks just for the ticket to watch grossly overpaid and overweight or over-buffed men grope each other homosexually for a few hours. If I could use that 200 to buy my groceries for my family for a few weeks, imagine what a starving person could do with that. Take away all of those 10 million a year paychecks from the babies who only work a few months each year.

    Seriously…this isn’t about God or about the money. It’s about extending our knowledge of the universe and finding out how we can utilize the structure it’s built upon to better benefit the human race. Without things such as this, no human will ever leave our solar system and we’ll just vanish as a barely mentionable footnote of the universe and the archives of life forms spread across it.

    I swear the double-standards are appalling. When they discover something (like Gliese 581c), everyone showers scientists with praises and hopes for the future and excitement about where we’re going, and then have the temerity to complain that we aren’t moving up fast enough. The appalling side of this is that when science builds the machines necessary to try and ‘catch up’ to our expectations, the same people cry about the waste of money.

    No wonder we haven’t been to the Moon since the 70’s. We’ll never get anywhere as long as it takes over 30 years to revisit a planetary neighbor that’s only a few days away. I figure by the time we go to Mars, they’ll spend a few weeks tooling around getting publicity shots of them jumping a dune buggy…collect a few minor samples, and then maybe in 150 years someone will finally go back there. We’ve had the technical ability and several working plans to launch a mission to Mars for many years now…

    We can’t keep putting off the future just because the majority of the public would rather idolize the dumbest of our age, or cry about what some unknown/unseen being that, if it exists, would have been the one who made all of these rules we’re trying to learn and gave us the drive and intelligence to seek them. If we weren’t meant to mess with it or learn it, we wouldn’t have the ability or desire to do so.

  104. Go to Top of the page

  105. Jawa May 24, 2007

    So, what’s the practical application of this thing again?

    6 billion dollars IS a lot of money to those who pay taxes. That’s 6000 million dollars. Enough money to make everyone most people will ever meet in their entire lives a millionaire. For those who only SPEND taxpayer money, its not much.

    If someone could tell me how this machine improves anyone’s life I would be for it. But I don’t see how it will. It will only prove or disprove someone’s particle theory, with no practical application. Expanding humanity’s overall knowledge is not enough. I could spend 6 billion studying bovine nostrils to expand humanity’s overall knowledge. But how does that help anyone?

    As for those who say this will prove how the universe came into being, again, who cares? It makes no difference if God created everything, or if we are an accident of physics. We’re still here, on the same planet, eating the same food, having the same problems either way. The devoutly religious will not suddenly become atheist if this thing proves M theory. And atheists will only use the findings to reinforce the beliefs they already have.

    Tell me how this benefits even one person, besides those receiving the grant money.

  106. Go to Top of the page

  107. Seth May 24, 2007

    The practical application of this experiment (proving the existence of the Higgs Boson particle) would definitely smooth out a lot of speed bumps several scientists have hit in their progress of creating a theory of everything. Upon solving for this theory of everything, we will be able to predict/solve/explain…everything. If that’s not enough to prove to you that it’s worth it, then there’s no need in explaining. Read up on some quantum mechanics and the only difficulty is matching the equations with gravity and general relativity.

  108. Go to Top of the page

  109. Cyrus Stalkings May 25, 2007

    Great quantum singularities, black holes and God particles, next step creating our own universe. Lovely.

  110. Go to Top of the page

  111. puttputt May 25, 2007

    That thing will rip through the time space fabric and create a temporary black hole that will swallow the solar system…

    Turn it on!

  112. Go to Top of the page

  113. Shambler May 25, 2007

    Yeah… people laughed at the first man who invented the car… and they laughed at the first man who invented flight… and the first man who invented electricity… and people feared fire back when we were cavemen. Also, people laughed at the first man to suggest that the earth is round… no wait, they burned him because he was considered a blasphemer.

    But what has all these things become? Necessities of life as we know it. Science takes time. It’s an important part of human evolution. Please don’t hinder it. It will benefit us all.

    At this point we can’t say to what end this experiment will lead us, but it will lead us somewhere. And when it does, be it bad or good, we will be that much the wiser.

    Embrace science. Our continueing existance depends on it.

  114. Go to Top of the page

  115. r.m.conn May 25, 2007

    A dialogue like this proves that organized religion does not have a patent on ignorance.Its open to those of all faiths.

  116. Go to Top of the page

  117. mr watch this May 25, 2007

    whats all the fuss really over if it goes bang we all get to meet god a bit sooner if not its time for religion to face the music once and for all flick the switch flick the switch

  118. Go to Top of the page

  119. Jesse May 25, 2007

    Could we cut the Religion talk and focus on the fact that Scientists have built what is theoreticly a BLACK HOLE GENERATOR somewhere between France and Switzerland, and they plan to turn it on?

  120. Go to Top of the page

  121. Shep May 26, 2007

    To David:
    (# David Says:
    April 28th, 2007 at 10:33 pm

    Show me God. I’ve seen little to prove the existence, and so much to disprove)

    Stop your heart for a minute then start it again by yourself….or stop breathing for a couple of days.
    Proof enough?

  122. Go to Top of the page

  123. Andy May 26, 2007

    May we just a few things straight here?

    Number one, the LHC is NOT going to endanger the world through creating black holes. It is JUST possible that a black hole may be created as a by-product of the enormous energies involved when the accelerator rams particles together, but such a black hole will be so microscopic it won’t even be visible, and it will appear and disappear within a few billion trillionths of a second. There is NO DANGER because quantum theory says that the energy needed to create a SUSTAINABLE black hole is MILLIONS of times more than the LHC can generate. So can we stop ignoring the science and start listening to what the experts are saying please?

    The idea that the accelerator will put us all in danger is media hyperbole written by people who don’t understand the first thing about physics.

    Secondly, the so-called “God particle” is the Higgs Boson, which is believed to give matter its mass through interaction with the Higgs Field, which the particle generates. It has nothing to do with superstitious deities: it’s (rather inadvisedly) called the “God Particle” because of its importance to physics, and in particular the Standard Model.

    If those people who spend their time trying to read religious significance into everything instead sat down with some physics books and learned about the real Universe instead of a fictitious religious one, the world would be a lot better place. Only science can explain how the Universe works, and the LHC is just another tool to help that understanding. No planet-eating black holes, no Gods: just knowledge.

  124. Go to Top of the page

  125. Milander May 27, 2007

    ” If someone could tell me how this machine improves anyone’s life I would be for it. But I don’t see how it will. It will only prove or disprove someone’s particle theory, with no practical application. ”

    Normally I don’t reply to these kind of ‘chat’ rooms, but this comment regarding a field of research that is of vital importance is just simply bordering on the insane. I’m sat here sighing and wondering which of the thousands of examples I could use to demonstrate that this science results in demonstrable proof through technology of its justification. Keep that word technology in mind, technology is the shit you have in your house, the result of science like this that is engineered to povide stuff for you to use in your house… f**k it, most peoplereading this will be morons anyway, I apologise to the non-morons and request that you ignore this mild rant and don’t do what I’ve done, which is to let your emotions take over. I guess I could just hope to have a convo with some of the idiots commenting on what a waste of time this experiment/device is and then smack them round the gob. ah well…..

  126. Go to Top of the page

  127. R-Ranger May 27, 2007

    This should definitely yield some interesting and useful results. And if it happened to be a waste of $6 billion…oh well…better than spending it on humanitarian aid to Africa as long as the current structures and regulations are in place.

  128. Go to Top of the page

  129. Keith May 28, 2007

    You can all relax (for a wee while anyway), according to wikipedia it won’t be ready until at least 2008. maybe God n co, want another season in the chair.

  130. Go to Top of the page

  131. Josh May 29, 2007

    The replies to this article are just insane. Most of these people are 12 year olds with a basic grasp on how to use Wikipedia throwing random facts into a poorly written article. You are the same people that at press releases and meetings get that anxious feeling when you haven’t said anything “intelligent” in the last 5 minutes… for the record I say throw the switch, If it is supposed to help, it will help. If the whole damn machine blows up and they all die, what have we really lost? The bible says man can’t destroy the earth anyway.

  132. Go to Top of the page

  133. eva June 13, 2007

    It is fascinating however let’s hope that the big boom will not happen to us. Science makes mistakes,too.

  134. Go to Top of the page

  135. Eliena Andrews June 14, 2007

    That’s the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life

  136. Go to Top of the page

  137. Ashley June 15, 2007

    why can’t people just leave sh*t be and be happy? do we really need to know what the beginning of the world was like? apparently it wasn’t all that fabulous if we supposedly evolved into what we are now. everyone just needs to realize that sometimes it’s best to leave stuff like it is and quit trying to change the world. leave everyone alone and focus on your own life and community.

  138. Go to Top of the page

  139. Wes June 16, 2007

    We have nothing better to do that we haven’t already done. Might as well strive to discover the secrets of the universe. Things like this will only help us advance as a species. I love how this machine has turned into something with religious undertones..

  140. Go to Top of the page

  141. greiner3 June 17, 2007

    As a soon to be evolutionary biologist, I find it fascinating to possibly discover what the meaning is to everything. Out of the maelstrom to the present day and everything in between could be answered soon. It is a mystery to me how Homo sapiens, as a species, got as far as we have with so many whinny-babies!

  142. Go to Top of the page

  143. Zach June 17, 2007

    Hope it doesn’t Run on Microsoft Vista!

    I believe in God but I also believe in Science

    Turn it on! Hope it find that new quantum physics computer everyone is talking about :D.

  144. Go to Top of the page

  145. Anton June 17, 2007

    Ok.. turn it on… You’ll get nothing more then an output of 42 :)

  146. Go to Top of the page

  147. Jesse June 18, 2007

    Jesse was too confrontational towards other users.

  148. Go to Top of the page

  149. Andrew June 18, 2007

    Andrew made ‘war like’ comments towards Jesse.

  150. Go to Top of the page

  151. Andrew June 18, 2007

    I think they should turn it on.

  152. Go to Top of the page

  153. aric June 19, 2007

    This is not a debate. It will be turned on. Because intelligent people have battled the ignorance of religious organizations and blind followers to a point where there power to hinder progress is miniscule.

  154. Go to Top of the page

  155. fuzchunk June 20, 2007

    This is bitter sweet news after our own superconductive supercolider in TX got demolished after we got it half done for 7 bil of taxpayer money and another 7 bill to wreck it.WE paid the same money to finish it for nothing.

  156. Go to Top of the page

  157. Another nobody June 20, 2007

    It has been said a lot of times, but of course it’s interesting to know what happened at the beginning of the world. Yes we have to know, we can use this information to develop new things in science… And about the god thing… I thought we were talking about science, what does any god have to do with this? why did we start to believe in god? Because we didn’t understand why things happen… Ooow lightning it must be god==> he’s mad at us… Than came science who found out what it really was… People saw their card houses fall apart ==>no god, nothing to hold on to…
    (oh, and please think a bit about the future generation, if they want to survive, science will be necessary… unless you want to be swallowed by the sun within a couple 4,5million(billion, don’t know how English counting works) years

    Ah well… Everyone his opinion…

  158. Go to Top of the page

  159. Agnostic June 20, 2007

    Did you ever stop to think that God gave us intelligence so that we would experiment and challenge the world around us?

    Do you really believe that a supreme being

    such as that would create a vast and unimaginably complex universe so that one small species on one small planet in one small galaxy would have a choice of whether or not to believe in him?

    Do you really believe that the entire universe was created for us to be unthinking, blindly faithful “servants” of God? For what purpose? Does God just really , REALLY love the attention? Is that a divine attitude?

    God is a creation of man. A creation for spiritual comfort and, more importantly, power for those who guide the “faithful”. The idea of “God” is not even original. If we are to progress as a species, we have to abandon archaic concepts like religion and come to understand everything around us. If you really believe that science has no place before God, next time you get sick or have to go to the hospital, ask God to heal you instead of the doctors.

    Religion is a mother bird that refuses to let its baby learn to fly.

    Wake up.

  160. Go to Top of the page

  161. Viernes June 23, 2007

    I dont think they’ll find anything worthwhile…. what a waste of money…

  162. Go to Top of the page

  163. Davy June 28, 2007

    God is very real…it matters not what anyone says. I know that the LHC will bring valuable insight into our existence. God either causes or allows everything. The only absolute this project will bring (positive or negative) is something God will use for His Glory…I am excited about the project and will be waiting in anticipation for its moment of truth…

    I will be praying for the safety and well being of all those who are involved at the site…

    Godspeed and Good Luck

  164. Go to Top of the page

  165. Per June 28, 2007

    A couple of things…

    If we [humans] just sit around, going through our lives just minding mundane matters as survival, hunger etc, we might as well not exist. If there’s anything to be understood about how the universe works, we must strive to understand it.

    Yes, many people suffer from hunger, war, religious and political strife. There are so many factors involved. For one thing, there are too many people. It might sound cruel, but we cannot, and must not, strive to ‘make everybody survive’.

    If a large number of people perish in a natural disaster, it’s not really a big tragedy. Those who die are dead - they don’t enter into the equation. Their relatives and friends are of course stricken with sorrow, but thats ‘just’ a normal human reaction.

    But I digress. The notion that LHC would create a ‘mini black hole’ sounds quite preposterous. If black holes exist, they are a product of vast amounts of mass. LHC will collide a small number of particles, which in no way are able to produce the gravitational forces associated with a black hole. Not even if the mass of the entire earth was involved would this be possible.

    LHC is a bold and commendable enterprise to forward our understanding of matter and energy.

    If all of humanity should perish in a catastrophic event - well, it is of no consequence since we will not exist.

    Just some of my thoughts.

  166. Go to Top of the page

  167. Josh June 29, 2007

    Know what I love about the posts going on here that are saying “This’ll prove there is no god!” it’s the fact that they haven’t sat down and said “Hmmm… If Time is linear and some date waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back we had a MASSIVE explosion that created everything… and that the stuff that went BANG was energy etc… then where did energy come from?”

    I’m not saying science is wrong (I’m a bit of a devote atheist and all) what I AM saying is that science is not on a mission to prove if God exists or not. This experiment handles matter, sub atomic particles and what everything is made of. Not “Is there a God?” or “Are theists totally bonkers?” or even “What does the colour blue taste like?”

    “What IS everything?” that’s the question. Period… done… that’s all…

    Oh. And the people worrying that “The end is nigh” if we flick this on. They’ve calculated the chance of this thing creating a world devistating Black Hole. Although I can’t find the article at the moment on that chance you’d have a better chance at winning the lottery in 5 different countries… simultaneously… while getting struck by lightning twice at the same time… and getting schmucked by an asteroid… One heck of a busy split second if you ask me. But more importantly TOTALLY improbable.

  168. Go to Top of the page

  169. Gnoll110 July 8, 2007

    Things that go bump in the night!

  170. Go to Top of the page

  171. oliver July 12, 2007

    How are the dangers of this thing different from the dangers of the cern institute?

  172. Go to Top of the page

  173. Jake July 18, 2007

    Whats the point in living without understanding?
    I say go for it.

  174. Go to Top of the page

  175. Chris July 18, 2007

    If any of you are actually expecting this to prove god’s existence, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. You’re completely misinterpreting the whole thing. This is about finding out the nature of physics, not proving the existence of the Israeli warrior-god Yahweh. Seriously.

    Who would have thought the ideas of some starving, addled desert nomads could keep so many people so confused about so many things for so long?

  176. Go to Top of the page

  177. DSF July 19, 2007

    It’s really disappointing when a newsworthy event is drawn out into a long boring litany of badly edited interviews, self-contradicting factoids, dreary narration, repetitive aimlessness, and baseless emotional pseudo scientific supposition. Basically, this is a tabloid piece. The Large Hadron Collider is nowhere near powerful enough to simulate the actual initial energies theorized to have existed in the pre-inflation period of the Big Bang. The key statement is “the moments following the Big Bang.” In terms of the actual energies involved, they should have said “after” not “shortly after” and stuck to the line. It’s as if the producer of this video *wants* people to be as uninformed as possible at the end. I can only suppose that this is due to their own ignorance. It’s a ghastly piece of obfuscation. Anyone that knows anything about the subject will suspect the intention to mislead. The chance of creating even a sub-atomic black hole is remote. Personally I would fire any producer for even suggesting that a black hole created by the LHC could destroy the earth before evaporating.

    Anyone claiming to be an atheist is claiming to know that there is no God- as if there were such a thing as “proof by saying so” or, more commonly, that proof is pointless and reason useless (some of the darker legacies of postmodernism for you). There is most definitely a “God” at work in some fashion. It’s the nature of that “God” that’s the real theater of debate, not whether or not there is one. I can honestly say that I’ve never met an actual atheist and that I never expect to. Considering many of the statements above, I don’t think it would be very polite to go into very much depth about why. However, here’s one case in point: most self-declared atheists aren’t quite ready to voluntarily pray to “Satan” to take their “immortal souls”- even if they claim to not believe in any of that stuff. That’s because rational people (as most people are) make decisions at the margin- weighing the hypothetical costs and benefits of their actions and doing so based on experience and not the absence thereof. The hypothetical cost of asking “Satan” to do his worst can be considered great (unless you know for sure something you’re not qualified to know, or just like to show how impulsive you are), and the hypothetical benefit- of which there is none.

  178. Go to Top of the page

  179. Ben July 20, 2007

    i’m just as eager as anyone to see what it’ll look like and how the experiment will turn out. I’m not very concerned about the destructive possibility of it, but I’m surprised the government is still letting something that could possibly be extremely dangerous be built

  180. Go to Top of the page

  181. Tyrell July 22, 2007

    wait a second…. did they just refer to the Higg’s Field as an energy field which surrounds us, passes through us, and binds the universe together??

  182. Go to Top of the page

  183. David July 30, 2007

    If we try and do wipe ourselves off of the face of our universe then why does it matter? This is the meaning of life to absorb knowledge, to become enlightened. If we turn this machine on and it lets us understand our universe then imagine what we will be able to do. This is that first step into the future that is portrayed in so many science fiction works, besides what happens if we were to give this information to Hawking, lol!

  184. Go to Top of the page

  185. matt bellotto August 5, 2007

    After further thinking Ive decided a black hole could be an effective weapon. If earth were invaded we could potetionally create a barrier to prevent more forces from getting in IF that barrier could be removed.

  186. Go to Top of the page

  187. Tall Paul from Burnley August 17, 2007

    Hang on!

    If there is a God it follows that there must be a Devil. Wiping out “Gods” creation on earth is the ultimate goal of any “Devil” worth his salts. What better way to do this than to spend 6 billion dollars employing over 6,000 scientists to build a machine capable in theory of sucking the earth into the void?

    Oh well, lets not worry. If it all goes according to Satans master-plan the whole thing will be over in less than 7 mins. Shame because I was just starting to enjoy it here.

    So long everyone and thanks for all the fish,


  188. Go to Top of the page

  189. CERO August 28, 2007

    Blowing 6 billion dollars for a light show, shows how stupid our species truly is.

  190. Go to Top of the page

  191. miek August 28, 2007

    I support 100%. I am very eager to know how we exist. I’m eager to know if we can learn something we weren’t even looking for.. I want the afterlife unveiled! I have questions, I want answers.

  192. Go to Top of the page

  193. Rahil Manasia September 14, 2007

    I am waiting for the answer. I want to know how far we can go in search of GOD with getting help from religion.

  194. Go to Top of the page

  195. Izabael DaJinn October 22, 2007

    This machine divides by zero.

  196. Go to Top of the page

  197. Grischan October 22, 2007

    Although this discussion is meant to be about science, u simply can not avoid that people start to envolve religion. I guess even if the name of the particle they are surching for would not have happened to be nicknamed “god particle”, folks would have started this as well. Lots of money is encolved, the question : “where do we come from” is envolved, teh gaining of knowledge is envolved, actually alot of philosofic questions come up if u get into this as allready proven if u read all these comments. The question: will it prove that there is no god? Will it be the end of religion? I dont even think this projekt aims for that. Besides, any religion is a believe, and therefore is not to be proven, otherwise the point of believing would be senseless. If i believe in God, i dont need no prove. I still can get answers. But also is religion nothing more than a tool. Its a model of how comunity can (should) work. Even those who call themselves atheists mostly follow those rules: the 10 rules. They provide a peaceful life. Not the worst thing, if u ask me. Every major religion has those rules. But like every tool, u also can abuse religion: 9.11 (I know, quite the cliche example, but u know what i mean). The wholy war (what a bullshit). If u see it in this context, religion and science have its parallels. They are tools, which u can use or abuse, both can give answers (on different levels ofc.) And both seem to strife for human glory (i hate that word). The human as crown of evolution. Sometimes i think we are quite obsessed with that idea, whatever. Will be hard to divide them. And to me it also seems that BOTH sides are afraid of each other. Afraid of things they dont understand. I dont claim to understand what this project will prove or not. But for some reason I dont think that it will be able to produce enough energy to create a blackwhole powerfull enough to destroy the earth. I just try to figure out (with my small school knowlegedge) how much massa u would need therefore… probably a bit more as they can summon there.

    Think big. Greetz

  198. Go to Top of the page

  199. Freeman October 22, 2007

    This sounds like the experiment they were doing in the game Half Life.

  200. Go to Top of the page

  201. Limvot October 24, 2007

    David… Go to ravi zacharias ministries and listen to there talks.

  202. Go to Top of the page

  203. max October 26, 2007

    Oh man…ohmanohmanohman. I am stocking my loved ones with crowbars and HEV suits in preparation for the inevitable resonance cascade.

  204. Go to Top of the page

  205. Andy November 16, 2007

    Quantum Physicists > Rest of the world

    Most people are morons with no opinions of worth. Many are represented here. You make me ashamed to be the same species at times, although I think maybe we aren’t sometimes by your ignorance.

    Hats off to the physicists!

  206. Go to Top of the page

  207. BadHorsie November 22, 2007

    so what happened? is it on? are you gone?

  208. Go to Top of the page

  209. PhilB November 22, 2007

    As above:

    The experiment has now been set back to May 2008.

  210. Go to Top of the page

  211. Ken November 23, 2007

    From a cartoon I saw. 4 panels with appropriate art:

    “I am a geologist, because the earth, she calls to me.”

    “I am a biologist, because life, it calls out to me.”

    “I am a physicist, because nature, she calls to me.”

    “I am a young earth creationist, because that other stuff frightens and confuses me.”

    ’nuff said.

  212. Go to Top of the page

  213. Johnny English December 6, 2007

    Has anyone seen my car-keys? I know I left them around here somewhere.

  214. Go to Top of the page

  215. Big Boy Edy September 9, 2008

    This is more a GOD vs. Science event! Tomorow we will know the truth, because if nothing happens, means that we are not smart monkeys! we are made by GOD, and we will never be GOD! And by the way… if they do find that higgs thing… doesn`t prove nothing… where does that come from?

  216. Go to Top of the page

  217. Kyle September 9, 2008

    science does provide answers…. it provides more questions.

    agent smmith. i agree with your theory that we are moving in a direction to prove/disprove things. I’m not a religious person at all. i believe in inner peace. as for disproving god…. we can only guess what that final level would be. keep in mind you could be wrong, and god ccould be proven. until then you are shooting in the dark.

    religion as far as i’m concerned is a farce used to menipulate people who fear the unknown.

    what part of death do you dislike? the part that you don’t exist(which means you don’t feel anything) or the part that loved ones are lost(them dieing or you dieing) if the world gets swollowed in this black hole (pfft) then everything will be gone. you and your loved ones. thus you shouldnot fear the end. for it won’t matter at all.

    Jawa: you are going to forever be described as close minded, and unimaginary. lets think for a moment….
    ,,,,science discovers the process to convert energy into matter. matter is needed by EVERYTHING. you eat matter, you breathe matter…. you expell matter in the bathroom. currently 6bil is worth a lot of food and water. you take instead that 6bil and turn it into a way of creating things from nothing…. it’s not worth a hell of a lot more. reminds me of that saying. catch a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime. which sounds more productive?

    Jesse it’s not a back hole generator. it’s a collider. it takes thing and throws them into each other to cause stuff. stuff being lots of stuff. however powerful it is. it’s NOT going to make anything more this earth has not seen before. the only diference is HUMANS will be able to see it now.

    Andy: you cna’t see black holes. you can only NOT see them:)

    ashley: curiosity. it drives many incuding me. and if you don’t care to know, why are you here reading this? here comes a curiosity killed the cat thought. ok so think it. then ask yourself this, is it worth it? My life is unimportant. if i died helping to answer your questions i’d be happy. and if everyone dies. then there are no more questions. which means no one cares. just want to let you guys know. you just destroyed a 6th dimension.

    Davy: you hold a unique point of view. both a believer and questioner. i respect you for that (although i still dont’ believe)

    oliver: it’s 7 times bigger

    Ben: please stop using your computer. we really shouldn’t let you use something so dangerous to the government

    Cero: being unwilling to spend 6bil to answer questions shows how naive you really are

    IMO…. maybe if it did go horribly wrong. we’d lose 10 people worth saving.

  218. Go to Top of the page

  219. John October 8, 2008

    Open a black hole. Let’s start the world all over again. Goodbye cruel world. Boo’m. Yea man

  220. Go to Top of the page

  221. Jason December 29, 2009

    This has already been and gone, and nothing happened. I don’t know why people were so worried. Me and my friends were like “I’m suprised we didn’t here about this earlier” and “Like we’re really going to kill everybody one Earth, and the Earth itself”. All the people that said we would die or something are lame.

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