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Teenager receives £44,000 from eBaY auction

A teenager from Norfolk, UK who bought a PlayStation 2 on Ebay was a little surprised when he received £44,000 from the seller instead of two promised games!

He was the winning bidder for a Playstation 2, which he paid £95 for (and received), but without any of the two promised games. Although £44,000 instead!

According to the Beeb, Police are holding the money under the Proceeds of Crime Act while the matter is investigated. Local magistrates have given police until September 22 to find something or the kid might get to keep it.

Ebay admits that the parcel’s contents were “somewhat unusual” and it would help police with their inquiries. Normally when people are scammed on Ebay, they end up losing their money not gaining a huge £44k of it.

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