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Support request 10 years too late

A US customer claims it took Microsoft an amazing 10 years to follow-up on a call he made in 1998. Supposedly, it was a clerical error where the receptionist had keyed a “08″ instead of a “98″ for the year that the call was to be returned.

I remember in the past year or so when I called Microsoft and the problem was not resolved (BSOD after Microsoft patch) that Microsoft did call me back the next day to see if I made any progress in my little computer crisis (which I thought was super cool of them. I was really impressed). But wait a second, or wait 315,569,260 seconds, Microsoft hadn’t done this the first time I called, and I called many years ago. But that must have been when I was living at home with my parents, which is why they called me at my parent’s phone number.

said Bic the bemused Microsoft customer.

Bic even has his own theory on how this calamitous cock-up occurred.

On 7 January, 1998 a tech support person typed into their database to call me back the next day… but instead of typing 1/8/98 they typed 1/8/08.
Instead of typing the ‘9′ right next to it they typed ‘0′. Microsoft had called me back 10 years later!

Support for Windows 98 officially ended in July 2006, and whether Microsoft actually solved the decade-old problem remains a mystery.

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