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Split DNS Email and Web - Stop 550 unknown user error - named.conf - /etc/virtual/domains


The method of how to do this procedure can vary from server to server and from admin panel to admin panel, however, essentially the theory is the same.

Ultimately we want to remove all DNS settings for the targetted domain, from the server hosting the website, so that DNS records are controlled at the registrar only.

This ensures that any routing from the server do not potentially cause 550 errors.
Firstly, make sure to remove your link file from named.conf

vi /etc/named.conf

Find the corresponding domain and remove the line from the named.conf file

zone "yourdomain.com" { type master; file "/var/named/yourdomain.com.db"; };

Make sure to restart the named service

service named restart

On some systems it may be necessary to also remove the domain from:


You can test all the above by REM’ming out the entries:

#zone "yourdomain.com" { type master; file "/var/named/yourdomain.com.db"; };

Additionally, make sure NOT to actually remove “/var/named/yourdomain.com.db” as this will cause problems with backups and other Control Panel features that require this file.

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