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Spammers reach new lows FTC warns Bank merging customers


The Federal Trade commission (FTC) warns that spammers are targeting confused bank merging customers to reveal their bank account details

The FTC pushed the red button to stop people from blindly giving up personal information to those who claim they are from a recently merged bank, savings, loan or mortgage company as they may well be from scam artists after account numbers and passwords in order to commit their daily crimes.

This may seem like an obvious ploy - and indeed phishing scams just like this have been around for years - yet with the current economic state people don’t have their wits about them, and are easily lured into this false sense of security.

The FTC has a guide on how not to fall for this kind of trickery, and indeed how to recognize it. The FTC site includes news and alerts, consumer protection and anti-trust information.

Read more from the FTC

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