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Safari for Windows has a security hole

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As some of you may know, Apple has developed Safari (Apples Web Browser), for use on the Windows Operating System. But, F-SECURE reports on a remote command execution bug in the brand spanking new Safari for Windows program that blows the Software wide open.

The bug was discovered by Thor Larholm. Meanwhile, F-Secure also reports that the command prompt tool in Vista’s system recovery options doesn’t need a user name or password.

Which makes statements like this from Graham Barlow of MacFormat quite comical:

Windows users are desperate for Apple to
provide some decent software

Safari Vulnerabilities

Thor Larholm has discovered a remote command execution vulnerability in the newly released Safari for Windows (Beta) just a day after it was released. The vulnerability is caused by Safari’s failure to validate user-supplied strings before passing them as parameters to external URL protocol handlers. The vulnerability can be exploited to execute arbitrary code on a victim’s computer just by making them view a malicious web page in Safari.

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  1. Peter June 13, 2007

    Great piece - I agree that it is not a very good piece of business by Apple if they intend to woo Windows users off Internet Explorer.

    Gone are the days when Apple did not make mistakes like this- these days they can afford the odd ‘own goal’!

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  3. Igloo boy September 8, 2007

    Safari for Windows is at Beta Stage so teething problems are expected. They will probably fix it soon. As a browser it is brilliant, and once this security hole is eliminated it is worth trying out. It cetainly is no worse than other competing browsers such as Firefox or Opera.

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