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Redtacton turns the human body into one big swipe card


Redtacton, which looks remarkably like a big pot of kryptonite is said to allow over 200kbps of data through the human hands or feet.

Telecom giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT) is planning a commercial launch of a system to enter rooms that frees users from the trouble of rummaging in their pockets or handbags for ID cards or keys.

It uses technology to turn the surface of the human body itself into a means of data transmission.

How does it work?

As data travels through the user’s clothing, handbag or shoes, anyone carrying a special card can unlock the door simply by touching the knob or standing on a particular spot without taking the card out.


Walk-through ticket gate, a cabinet that opens only to authorised people and a television control that automatically chooses favourite programs.

The system also improves security. It ensures that only drivers can open their cars by touching the doors if the keys are in their pockets, not people around them.

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  1. prasad September 23, 2008

    i want to know more about red tacton and its usefulness in future & some more improvements in red tacton technology

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  3. voodish September 24, 2008

    A plethora of information can be found at:

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  5. Amar January 30, 2009

    I would like a working example of red tacton, with technical diagrams, if possible.

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  7. admin January 30, 2009

    As suggested above Amar, more information can be found on their website, and more specifically to your request on the following page/s:

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  9. swetha February 7, 2009

    red tacton was found in which year?

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  11. admin February 7, 2009

    It would seem to have emerged in early 2005.

    See here: Human Area Networking technology

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  13. prasadveluru February 12, 2009

    there is no clear idea for this

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  15. Sneha April 29, 2009

    want to know dat what exactly the redtacton is?

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  17. praveen July 13, 2009

    i want know usefullness of redtacton and also its drawbacks

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  19. kalpesh March 21, 2010

    i want to know about red tacton market cost.

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  21. shalini August 11, 2010

    plz send me the history of red tacton,when and how it evolved and which company and who came up with this for the first time.disavantages and security mesures of red tacton

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  23. Dinu December 16, 2010

    as mentioned it’s a new technology… personal data transfer, v.cool.

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  25. Ayaz March 15, 2011

    Plz send me whole concept.

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  27. elaiyarasu June 29, 2011

    can you send me details about electrodes and transceiver used in red tacton/

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  29. adithya August 31, 2012

    hey iam working on this redtacton if u want any information email me iam almost towards appling patent for it ………

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