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Paypal’s new checkout for Firefox

Google removed page numbers

From September 1st 2010, Paypal has revised how its checkout looks, the Paypal checkout now resembles a normal eCommerce checkout, seperating the Order Summary and Payment methods with enough space to train the eye on the important aspects of the page. UPDATED: This new checkout only seems available on Firefox - Internet Explorer seems to be using the same old checkout.

Paypals new checkout

Paypal have also made the “Checkout without a Paypal Account” or newly named “Pay with a debit or credit card (If you don’t have a Paypal Account)” much more visible.
Paypal new checkout without paypal account
This is a welcome addition to the tired Paypal checkout interface. We used to get a lot of customers complaining that ‘their customers’ couldn’t checkout with a Paypal only option.

Paypal have probably seen a massive amount of abandoned carts over the years, which obviously means less revenue for both shop owner and Paypal alike.

Well done Paypal, for revising this.

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  1. superd September 1, 2010

    Nice, that is a much better layout. Hopefully peeps will see the option to checkout without a Paypal account more easily.

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  3. Jas September 8, 2010

    The new checkout doesn’t work in chrome either, very odd. But yes a welcome change at least for firefox customers.

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