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Paper curl and shadow effect

Step 1
To start out, create a new file of 500X500 pixels with a white background. File> New - Now we have our screen, we are going to need the Pen Tool. This can be a little bit hard in the beginning but practice a bit and it will work out just fine. Create an anchor point in the lower right bottom and one a bit higher and a bit to the left. Make sure you get a nice smooth line in it like on the image below.

Step 2
By creating this anchor points you have also created a new layer with a mask. Click on that layer while holding CTRL. This will make a selection of the shape. Hold that selection and delete the old layer and the layer mask like on the image.

Step 3
Now create a new layer and fill the selected piece with black. Now its time to grab the pen tool again and make a new shape. Create the shape like shown in the image below and start the first anchor point at the edge of the old shape like the image.

Step 4
Like we did before we will now select the new shape and dele the layer its on with the mask. Fill the selection with black on the same layer we also have the previous shape on.

Step 5
Ok, the hard work is done. What we need to do now is fill the entire part that is above the black pieces. This can be done by selection the area above with the marquee tool or any tool of choice. Make sure you get it like shown below, all in the same layer. What you should have is shown in the image.

Step 6
Ok, now its just this final step and then on to the effects. Take the polygonal lasso tool and make a selection like on the image.

Step 7
Now create a new layer, under the “black” layer. Take the gradient tool with a white forground color and a grey background color. Draw the gradient like on the image.

Step 8
Now its time to select the layer with the black on it. This layer should be named layer 2. To select it, press on it while holding CTRL. Take the gradient tool again and now draw a gradient from the lower right bottom to the left top. You should have something like this:

Step 9
Ok, almost done. Last but not least its time for the background. Create a new layer that is above the “background” layer but under all the layers that we have created ourself. Take a dark foreground color, I used: #6E6E6E and then take a slightly lighter background color. I used: CFCFCF. Now draw the gradient like on the image:

And there you have a cool edge for your paper. To give it a more real look you can add some more shadows and contrasts but this is the basic.

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  1. Alexander January 25, 2009

    Great manual on creating curl page effect!! this is the shortest and easiest i’ve found! Thanks a lot!

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  3. lisa January 15, 2010

    Awesome! Super easy to follow. Thanks :)

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