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Welcome to our Articles section, we try and update this section at least twice weekly, so check back regularly for the most up to date info. Our sections include Future of Computing, Internet Tools, Tea Break and Web Development.

Mar 29 2019

Game console could help cure Alzheimer’s

Folding with the Playstation 3We’ve all heard that regular gaming can help keep the mind active, especially Role Playing and Memory intensive games, but Sony have now taken a heads on approach to helping solve diseases such as Alzheimers.

More than 250,000 PS3 owners have enrolled their console in the Folding at Home (F@H) project which uses it to study the shapes proteins assume. So many have signed up that the project has carried out a year’s worth of research in a month. Proteins that do not fold correctly have been implicated in diseases such as Alzheimers and BSE.

Mar 28 2019

Internet helping to close Nations Divided


E-readiness is not just about speed of connection

The net is helping to close the digital divide between industrialised nations, suggests a report. The annual e-readiness rankings by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) shows Asian and African nations catching up with big net users such as Denmark.

The report says this is partly due to broadband which is now cheap and affordable in almost every nation.
But it warns that much hard work remains to be done to get the best out of the net for citizens and companies.

Mar 28 2019

The most complex scientific instrument ever built to be switched on (now with Video)

Hadron Collider

The most complex scientific instrument ever built was to be switched on in November 2007, but due to complications the experiment has now been set back to Summer / Autumn 2008; Cern particle lab schedule slips.

The Large Hadron Collider promises to recreate the conditions right after the Big Bang.


By revisiting the beginning of time, scientists hope to unravel some of the deepest secrets of our Universe. In the epic quest to find the meaning of ‘everything’, the understanding of the Universe in infinite detail - the God particle.

Mar 27 2019

Operating System Showdown - Ubuntu Vs. Vista


By Brian Briggs
For years many have predicted the death of Windows at the hands of Linux.
The latest challenge to Windows comes from Ubuntu. Since everyone has long made up their minds in which operating system to use, we compare these two operating systems on the features that don’t matter. Read on to find out if your favorite wins…

Mar 27 2019

Programming Kit - Hackety Hack

Hackety Hack is a programming starter kit. Even if you’ve never written code before, Hackety Hack wants to be the spark that gets you going. And, believe it or not, you can write genuinely useful stuff with it!

Mar 26 2019

Hackers turning more to the web

Malicious code rise driven by web

In the first quarter of 2007, security firm Sophos identified 23,864 threats, up from 9,450 on this time last year. In the same period the firm said it was identifying 5,000 web pages per day infected with so-called malware. The report was released during InfoSec, Europe’s largest conference on online security issues, in London.

“With computer users becoming increasingly aware of how to protect against email-aware viruses and malware, hackers have turned to the web as their preferred vector of attack,” said the report.

Mar 26 2019

Researchers Break Internet Speed Records

Internet2 logo

A group of researchers led by the University of Tokyo has broken Internet speed records - twice in two days.

Operators of the high-speed Internet2 network announced Tuesday that the researchers on Dec. 30 sent data at 7.67 gigabits per second, using standard communications protocols.