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Welcome to our Articles section, we try and update this section at least twice weekly, so check back regularly for the most up to date info. Our sections include Future of Computing, Internet Tools, Tea Break and Web Development.

Feb 28 2020

Podtech MS Research

Offsite Link to Youtube Video

With just a normal web cam and special “Podtech” software, you can turn any monitor into a gesture reading, touch-less display. Continue reading to watch a demonstration.

“Using topological depth technology, it figures out what’s the static background, and differentiates it between the changing foreground. By pinching areas within the camera’s view you section off ovals which you can use to rotate and move around the display, and the researcher said more gestures are being worked on”

Feb 28 2020

Organic Computers

Scientists have written a message into the DNA of a living organism, a breakthrough they believe could lead to a new era of organic computers capable of healing themselves if damaged. The researchers encoded Einstein’s most famous equation and most prolific year into the genome of one the hardiest strains of bacteria in the world, Bacillus subtilis. The characters “E=MC^2 1905!” were then read from the bacterium at a later date by analysing its genetic sequence.

Feb 27 2020

WatchFire WebXACT

Offsite Link to WebXact Validator

WebXACT is a free online service that lets you test single pages of web content for quality, accessibility, and privacy issues.

We have used this on-line tool for quite some time now, and although it can be a little slow at times, it is a decent method for checking many different guidelines all at once.

Feb 27 2020

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