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Welcome to our Articles section, we try and update this section at least twice weekly, so check back regularly for the most up to date info. Our sections include Future of Computing, Internet Tools, Tea Break and Web Development.

Jun 10 2019

Skype offers protection to criminals

German police are unable to decipher the encryption used in the internet telephone software Skype to monitor calls by suspected criminals and terrorists, Germany’s top police officer has reported.

Skype allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet from their computer to other Skype users free of charge. (VoIP)

Jun 09 2019

Heath Ledger’s death triggers net spike

Heath Ledger’s shock death caused one of the biggest internet spikes since the death of Steve Irwin in 2006, with news sites and search engines experiencing huge amounts of traffic.

Yahoo reported that four of the fastest moving search terms on its Buzz index were Ledger related, with searches on the quickest mover, “Heath Ledger”, sky-rocketing a staggering 110,285 per cent.

Jun 09 2019

Text thumb, first case reported

A New Zealand student, who sent up to 100 text messages a day on her mobile phone, has been diagnosed with the country’s first known case of text-messager’s thumb.

Jun 08 2019

UK set to get Super fast Broadband at 100Mbps

Autumn 2008 proposes to be an exciting time for some UK consumers as 100Mbps broadband will be made available. As with most new services, this will be limited to a select few, around 600 homes to be precise, but this will hopefully rise to 10,000 homes by the year 2020.

Jun 08 2019

Nintendo Wii could help Surgeons perform


Sounds unbelievable, but an American Medical centre has been conducting trials which have shown that surgeons who played the Nintendo Wii before surgery, actually perform better than if they hadn’t played at all.

In the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona surgical residents performed better during simulated surgery after playing on the Wii for an hour beforehand.

Jun 07 2019

Could Apple bring OLED keyboards to the mainstream?


Should Art Lebedev sell up to Apple and let the Big Guns develop the technology for the masses? OLEDs are currently very expensive, and this is reflected in the Optimus Maximus price tag ($1,490).

But could Apples buying power help change the future of OLED and the likelihood of anyone this side of sensible owing an OLED ‘board before 2020? Sure, they shouldn’t sell for this reason alone, but they aren’t exactly flying off the production line (200 units pre xmas ‘07, 400 post) - and with Apple already registering a patent extremely similar, Could it already be too late for Art Lebedev to cash in?

Jun 07 2019

Think your Boss knows too much?

Well things could get a whole lot worse if Microsoft’s latest innovation comes to light. Microsoft has filed a patent application for new computer software that will allow employees to be monitored wirelessly for blood pressure, body temp., heart rate and even facial expressions!