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Welcome to our Articles section, we try and update this section at least twice weekly, so check back regularly for the most up to date info. Our sections include Future of Computing, Internet Tools, Tea Break and Web Development.

Oct 17 2020

Add logo to print popup in Joomla


So you would like to add a logo and perhaps some other bits to the Joomla print popup page?

Easy, you’ll need to open your template component.php file and make some changes, shown after the break.

Oct 16 2020

Sales order error in Magento Sage Pay

magento under construction

This usually shows up when installing the Sage Pay suite for Magento, in this instance it was caused by the Gift certificate module from Unigery.

There is a fix for this problem.

Oct 16 2020

Prestashop Ecommerce module for Despatch Bay Shipping API

prestashop despatch bay shipping api module

This Prestashop module for 1.3x and 1.4x allows you to connect to the despatchbay api system for management of your shipping process.

The shipping your products will become much more efficient and cost effective. Same day download & Easy installation.

Oct 15 2020

Yoo maps address, how to change address text

Some of you may be wanting to change the default Yoo maps address text, from the default ” From address ” to something stating reference to adding postcode, after all the module works best when using postcodes.

Oct 15 2020

yum install php-soap not working


If your php-soap install via yum is not working then here’s a quick fix to get things moving.

This problem can usually be fixed by editing the yum config file.

Oct 14 2020

Currency drop down selector in header, Magento

magento under construction

How to display your currency selector drop down menu in the header of your Magento template. As we know by using the default template, Magento can display the selector in the sidebar, but here’s how to include it in the header, most useful. They can also work together.

Oct 14 2020

Move Firefox 4 Homepage Icon

firefox 4 home icon

Simple way of moving the Home page icon and other elements back to the usual, more convenient position in Firefox 4.

This is a simple 3 step procedure and will make all the difference if you spend a lot of time surfing the web in Firefox 4.