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Welcome to our Articles section, we try and update this section at least twice weekly, so check back regularly for the most up to date info. Our sections include Future of Computing, Internet Tools, Tea Break and Web Development.

Jul 19 2019

Doing some coding, how does 10 million lines sound?

Linux has now surpassed 10 million lines of code according to sources, this does include blank lines, comments and text files but none the less is a staggering amount of data.

Jul 19 2019

Google Timeout or Virus Warnings on Page Load

When visiting websites, specifically in Internet Explorer, or installing software, there may be changes to your computer, adware or spyware may have found its way on your machine that will cause your computer to behave abnormally. Often changes are made to the HOSTS file that directs traffic to search engines such as google.com and msn.com on your machine.

Jul 18 2019

sakui web, web validator

sakui web, a new web validator, they seem to pop up every five minutes, normally from a new web design company who wants some more hits. We thoroughly enjoyed web-a-gogo, but they seemed to have gone-a-byebye of late.

Jul 18 2019

How to change permissions of specific file extensions in Linux

Change specific file extensions in Linux, there are many ways to do this although some work better than others

Jul 17 2019

PS3 price, cheapest Playstation 3

Cheapest PS3 - You can now pick a Playstation 3 for a staggering £225 with free delivery,
We didn’t see much of a Playstation 3 price drop in December 2008, but now the new year has hit the price has really started to plummet. As history teaches us, Sony have always been extremely reserved about when they drop their prices and under no circumstances reveal their plans to enthusiastic journalists (even if the interviewee knows about the price drop).

Jul 17 2019

Excel - File not loaded completely - error message

This is normally caused by trying to load a large csv file into an older (pre 2007) version of Excel - rest assured the data is still available. Older versions of Excel were limited to reading in 255 variables. That happens to include all versions of Excel prior to version 2007. You can test this yourself by opening the .csv file in a text editor rather than in Excel. So, how do you access the remaining data if you do not have Excel 2007 or later?

Jul 16 2019

Asta La Vista, Windows OS named Windows 7

Putting the originality cap firmly in the corner, Microsoft have officially announced the name of the operating system to hit the market sometime in late 2009 is to be named Windows 7, nice. It looks like the guys over at Microsoft are going back to basics with their naming convention.