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Microsoft settles over Excel name

A LONG RUNNING ROW between Microsoft and Savvysoft came to a close after the two agreed to disagree under agreeable terms. In November 2004 it was reported that Microsoft screwed up big time by delivering papers to Savvysoft for appropriating the name “Excel”, even though Thee Vole had forgotten to trademark the name when it first launched the so-called spreadsheet and didn’t realise a similar product already existed.

Microsoft did not own the Excel name although it had been flogging the spreadsheet for yonks and kicking the living daylights out of Lotus and Borland during the process.

The long and winding road to settle came to pass after the owners of Turbo Excel pitched their customers for various names by using a cunning plan which involved Google Adwords and effectively asking them to vote.

Now, if you go to Turbo Excel, you will be redirected to Calc4Web, where there is a press release here, which says the terms of the agreement are confidential.

Insiders whisper to us that after briefs delivered stacks of legal documents to Savvysoft, most people agreed that Excel belonged to it, and not to the Great and Almighty Vole.

The compromise is better than Savvysoft having to stump up several million dollars to fight a case that it probably would have won but in the process of so doing would have had to take its eye off the ball and end up on a sticky wicket.

So all is well that ends well. There have only been a few companies plucky enough to take on the Vole and beat it. On the eve of World Press Freedom Day, their names shine like beacons in the face of cease and desist notices.


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