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Metamorphosis video shows stunning visuals

Metamorphosis is programmed entirely in Processing by ‘noob’ programmer (self describing), Glenn Marshall, it’s a fantastic piece of work that has been unedited and is 100% generative. It has to be watched to be appreciated.

Metamorphosis from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.

From his Blog, Glenn Marshall writes

These kind of ambitious concepts were difficult for me to implement in the past, within the practical limits of traditional 3d/2d software.
So I wanted Metamorphosis to be symbolic of my passing over into 100% programmed/generative computer art, where perhaps these kinds of ideas can reach more of their potential.

Watch in HD, over at Vimeo

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  1. sandy September 23, 2008

    That is so beautiful, could watch that for hours

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  3. Tezza September 23, 2008

    That guy doesn’t do himself justice, that is not newbie programming - I can see this opening doors to lots more visuals like it, top work

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