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Magicsing EG-18000


If you want to become a pop idol but don’t want to humiliate yourself in front of strangers, then a home karaoke machine such as MagicSing’s EG-18000 might be for you.

Unlike cheaper karaoke systems such as SingStar (PlayStation), the MagicSing EG-18000 is targeted at those who take their singing seriously, as its price tag attests. More than 2000 songs are built in, with artists ranging from the Rolling Stones to Blur, and you can add more songs by buying separate song chips. You can also record yourself by plugging in a recording pack (which you have to buy separately) and then transferring your songs onto a PC using a USB connection.

The two microphones supplied look and feel as if they’re made for professional singers and are wireless so you don’t have to worry about tripping over the cord. You can also adjust audio settings such as tempo, key and microphone echo.

Built in Songs

Just in case all this sounds too serious, there are two games built in - one judges how well you are singing, the other challenges your knowledge of 100 different songs. How accurate the first game is, however, is another matter: despite being an awful singer I was rated highly just for singing the words at roughly the right time.

The MagicSing is quick and easy to install - just connect it to your television’s AV ports and plug in the power cord and you’re ready to go. This and its portability - the base unit fits into a handbag - make it suitable for taking to parties. However, we do recommend plugging the left and right sound channels into a stereo’s auxiliary ports, since the audio might sound a little flat going through your TV. The biggest disappointment was with the quality of the vocal amplification and we found we needed to turn the microphone echo down in order not to sound like Darth Vader.

Luckily the cheesy visuals that karaoke fans love so much are included here for the full experience and canned applause even plays after you finish a song to make you feel like a star - even if you can’t sing like one. The sound might not be as good as the karaoke system at your pub but the MagicSing EG-18000 is still a lot of fun.

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