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LOVEFiLM removed online viewing

For a few months now LOVEFiLM have offered a free to air online service for all its account holders. But recently they have decided (probably due to bandwidth issues) that this is now to be a paid service ontop of the basic account.

With the basic LOVEFiLM account you could get 2 films per month (DVD / Bluray) and unlimited viewing of Free to air films (around 600) from their website. This has now all changed.

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Instead of paying the nominal £4 a month, you have to opt for the £6 p/m option which only entitles you to 2 hours of online playback; hardly worthy of the extra money, and even if you bump up for the £8 p/m option your looking at 4hours.

We think this is a bit sneaky of LOVEFiLM, who aren’t without their critics. With more and more companies offering online services, LOVEFiLM had better watch their customer base carefully if they are going to keep their movie rental crown!

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  1. Phil81 August 18, 2010

    I noticed that too, why have they done that!? Surely their servers can handle the extra load :(

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  3. admin August 29, 2010

    You would think so Phil — the Beeb manages with a much, much larger audience to deliver on demand 720p playback.

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  5. crazy88's August 29, 2010

    Just a money making thing then - can’t say I blame them, but it would’ve been nice to have some notice first!

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  7. tman September 4, 2010

    This sucks, I used to watch those online films quite regularly, hmmm, I see tesco do online movies now too, with club card points to boot, maybe time to dump lovefilm.

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  9. admin September 4, 2010

    TBH - I still think the LOVEFiLM service is very good, just a bit dissapointed with their actions on this one.

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