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Largest LCD TV - 108 inch Sharp AQUOS

Sharp features the world’s largest LCD TV, the 108 inch AQUOS. Sharp officials said they want to show that LCD panels can be competitive with plasma and projection TV in the larger high-definition sizes.

Largest TV

This Television is now available for sale

May Update
The largest LCD television in the world can be purchased for £110,000. Subject to site survey and additonal installation cost. If you are interested in purchasing this Television, Contact us today.

The 108-inch Full HD 1080p LCD TV is the world’s largest, measures 93.9-inches (w) by 52.9-inches (h) in size, and is expected to become available by mid-year 2008. Perhaps the most important announcement was that some of the screens due in showrooms prior to the end of the year will feature refresh rates of 120 Hz, double the current 60 Hz standard.

sharp-108-inch-lcd-01.jpg sharp-108-inch-lcd-02.jpg sharp-108-inch-lcd-03.jpg

sharp-108-inch-lcd-04.jpg sharp-108-inch-lcd-05.jpg sharp-108-inch-lcd-06.JPG

The Price

If you have a spare £110,000 you too can be the proud owner of this monster TV. Although I’m sure as time marches on the prices will drop considerably.

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  1. haz March 30, 2008

    how much are the 108″ teles

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  3. little boy October 9, 2008

    How much is it pls?

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  5. admin October 9, 2008


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  7. mumur October 16, 2008

    I’d love one of those!

  8. Go to Top of the page

  9. darnit November 17, 2008

    Wish I had of of them in my living room (if it fitted lol). Not even ridiculously expensive.

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  11. monacog December 31, 2008

    ^ oh yea £110,000 is nothing for a TV

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  13. RYAN January 1, 2009

    Will it float on water?

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  15. admin April 24, 2009
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  17. tanveer uddin October 8, 2009

    what is a cost of this biggest………..smart lcd tv

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  19. LCD TV Stands May 15, 2010

    Wow £110,000 has anyone actually seen one of these I wonder what the picture would be like on a standard definition broadcast?

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  21. Rajinder K June 18, 2010

    I’l take just 1. The thing is I’m only willing to spend £100,000.

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  23. scarecrow September 17, 2010

    For £110,000 wouldn’t you buy rather buy and install an indoor cinema instead??!! …. absolutely absurd! Only for the billionaires with money to burn!

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  25. Symis June 6, 2011

    Nice LCD T.V. I Really like it.

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  27. mohammed November 24, 2011

    When sell this for 1000 euro tell me i buy

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  29. mohammed April 22, 2012

    dudes and duedettes this is the most ridiculous thing out there what would you need a tv so big for

  30. Go to Top of the page

  31. ed209 April 22, 2012

    i guess cos u can - why have a car with a 1,000 horsepower…

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  33. bruna May 10, 2012

    Quer assistir canais de TV por assinatura www.tvdigitalnopc.com.br

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