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July 27th is System Administrator Appreciation Day

Yes it is for real and there’s even a website for it! There is a day for women, a day for children, even day for festooning a hedgehog in bacon fat, but today is the the eighth annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. The celebration day for under-appreciated sysadmins was started in 1999 by IT professional Ted Kekatos.

Kekatos felt it would be nice if the under-appreciated “geek in the corner” had a special day where they got lots of presents and praise.

SysAdminDay.com urges businesses to show appreciation for their sysadmins with “a nice token gift and some public acknowledgment.

Apparently, if you have a system administrator in your office they like to be fed cake, ice cream and energy beverages. They would be very happy if you gave them an iPhone and might not snarl cynically for five minutes, the site says.

The site might get a little more sympathy if it did not end the page with the infamous phrase “Share and Enjoy” and provide icons to help spread the love. Readers of Douglas Adams would know better. µ

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