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Remove a Menu / Module from a Joomfish translation for Joomla


A few steps to consider when wishing to remove a menu / module from a specific translation in Joomfish for Joomla.

Always make COMPLETE website backups inc. DB before commencing

Notes: After making a complete site and database backup, uninstall your current JoomFish version and install 2.1.2, the datasbase will be automatically updated from 2x installations. There is no upgrade path to 2.1.2 from 1x versions, so you will need to upgrade to 2.0.4 first.

1. Upgrade your JoomFish version to JoomFish2.1.2 (Requires Silver Membership: Link)

2. Download and install:
Menu Localisation (Administrator Module) and Menu Localisation (Joomfish Plugin)

3. Once installed go make sure both are enabled from the admin section, and then locate Module Manager > Multilingual Menu and Module Manipulation and make sure the position is set to “status”

4. Now the fun starts, open a menu item and select ‘Localise’ from the top right

5. Clicking on this button will give the following popup window:

In the first dropdown you have the following possibilities:

* Applies to all languages
* Applies ONLY to the following languages
* Applies to all languages EXCEPT these language

So you can opt in and opt out.

This way you can localise all your menu-items and all your modules.

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