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JA Slideshow and JoomFish links

Correct Joomla naming convention for linking to Joomla menu items via JA Slideshow, essential when using JASlideshow with JoomFish for Joomla.

The Problem

The JASlideshow for Joomla doesn’t allow any WYSIWYG function, so all links are hard coded into the module. This is usually fine, however when using the Joomfish Translation plugin, you will need to make sure that you use the proper syntax so that any changes in the language will maintain the correct URL structure for the requested language.

The Fix

It’s less of a fix than a correct way of using the linking system in Joomla.

First of all, you will need to make a note of the destination ItemID. You can find this out by navigating to:
Admin > Menus > Main Menu (or you specific menu) > ItemID
Make a note of the ItemID from the ItemID column.

joomla joomfish jaslideshow

For example if you want to link to the About Us page, then the ItemID (above) would be 2
So your linking method would be:


The important part in the link is the “frontpage” element, which ensures Joomla links to base before finding the destination point.

A Complete link demo

A copy and paste example of the above taking into consideration your About us page, has an itemID of 2.
If not, using the method described above find your unique itemID and swap out the 2 for your specific itemID.

[sourcecode language=’css’]About Us[/sourcecode]

I hope that helps solve any Joomla linking problems and specifically with the JASlideshow and Joomfish modules, Let us know how you get on with a comment below below.

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