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Is it curtains for the HD-DVD format?

Warner have announced that they will now only support Blu-Ray. It’s a massive blow for the HD-DVD format, as Warner were the only film studio left to support both, with Walt Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Sony Pictures all exclusively Blu-ray.

I would have honestly predicted both formats to continue side by side, but with yet another Big player moving over, it would seem the HD-DVD format will have little backing (2 studios) and Blu-Ray will become victorious - almost by forfeit.

Rich Greenfield at Pali Capital predicted that HD DVD would now “die a quick death” and also said that would be good news for DVD sales.

While we still expect overall consumer spending on DVDs to decline at least 3% in 2008, the risk of an even worse 2008 DVD environment has most likely been avoided by Warner’s early 2008 decision.

Disappointed Early adopters

Although, a lot of X-box 360 owners and those who bought into stand alone HD-DVD players, will be disappointed, it will eventually pan out for the better, at least for the majority - if history is anything to suggest it, one format is always better; take the Betamax vs VHS war in the 80s, VHS prevailed - I suppose Sony are due some of the luck.

HD-DVD isn’t dead yet!

Some HD-DVD fans are holding on for dear life, probably because they bought a HD-DVD add-on for the X-box - HD-DVD camp says it isn’t dead yet

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  1. walyworld May 4, 2008

    The reason VHS won the format war was because JVC decided to lower the cost of licensing devices that used VHS Format. Sony made Betamax VCR Manufacture Licensing expensive. Also, the hidden success of VHS was the fact that the inexpensive format allowed people to make their own movies. This is where the “Adult” section in the video store was born :)

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