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Is DIGG going to be DUGG?

Is Digg going to be Dugg by its users

The massive community of the extremely popular social content site, DIGG, are up in arms about a recent ‘covering’ up of their content.

Many of you may know that there was a recent code leak that unlocks the playback of HD-DVD material for use on Linux Operating Systems.

Huge Implications

This has huge implications for the Movie Business as they are rapidly trying to hide the code, by serving Cease and Desist notices to any website, blog, article that displays the code.

So where do DIGG come into this?

As a pre-emptive strike, DIGG has started filtering any threads that display the code, and a recent thread of 15,000+ diggs was wiped from their servers. As most of the DIGG community believe in Freedom of speech and honour things that are in the public domain, this decision has not gone down too well.

In fact a lot of the members are so disgruntled about the decision that they are making all threads which are not related to the ’cause’, to be DUGG.


“These sites have been threatened with legal action if they do not comply. Unlike going after websites publishing DeCSS software or software that uses DeCSS, the processing key is only useful for sophisticated programmers capable of writing software to rip and decrypt the discs, much like how a blue-print drawing of a door key is not sufficient to unlock a door without an engineer first making a physical key based on it.”

So the question is, will DIGG get DUGG?

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