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Intermediate CA installation for Directadmin SSL

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If your SSL provider requires an Intermediate CA to complete the chain of trust and you are using Directadmin as your Control Panel, then here’s how to get your SSL certificate installed correctly.

You may have seen Firefox display the following error: (Error code: sec_error_untrusted_issuer), where other browsers such as Internet Explorer / Opera / Chrome display without error.

This explanation is specifically for RapidSSL and Directadmin users, however the process will be the same for other SSL certificates and Directadmin.

Let’s begin

1. Once you received your SSL certificate by e-mail, copy and paste it into a text file (with Notepad or Wordpad) and save the file with the .crt extension. (Include the tags —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—– and —–END CERTIFICATE—–).

2. Logon to DirectAdmin Control Panel.

3. Click SSL Certificates in the Advanced Features section.

4. Select Paste a pre-generated certificate and key.

5. Open your Private key file and your Certificate file in Notepad and paste them box in the text box starting by the Private Key followed by the certificate.

6. Click Save.

7. Return to the SSL Certificates panel and click Click here to paste a Root CA Certificate
directadmin ca root certificate

8. Get your intermediate certificate. Copy and paste the contents in the text box. Make sure you select Use a CA Cert.
directadmin use a ca cert

9. Click Save.

10. CHECK YOUR INSTALLATION by clicking here

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  1. nice December 29, 2010

    Thanks a million for this buddy, would have taken me a while to work this one out!

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  3. Cheap SSL January 13, 2011

    I purchase my ssl certificate from ClickSSL. As a first time customer of ClickSSL we are very happy with the service and support by Robert. We will definitely recommend ClickSSL to our clients and will ClickSSL in the future.

    - John Wan

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  5. eswrt March 25, 2011

    Great, thank you for this, my SSL changed their method and had to figure this out.

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