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Human brain simulated on Super Computer


Swiss scientists have reached an impressive milestone in simulating a brain on a Super Computer (BlueGene/P). Biologically accurate neurons can now be reconstructed, based on detailed experimental data, at the push of a button.

The neurons can be automatically connected in a biological manner, a task that involves positioning around 30 million synapses in precise 3D locations. These neurons and their connections have been used to reconstruct the basic functional unit of the brain, the neocortical column.

With a massive super computer parts of the neocortex are modelled and simulated. The neocortex makes up the largest portion of the human brain. Here, complex patterns are stored and conceptual thoughts are connected.

Video - Flying through the column!

[youtube cXw3NWj2L-s]

Further Videos from the Blue Brain Project

Photo Gallery, The riddle of Consciousness

blue-brain-02.jpg blue-brain-04.jpg blue-brain-03.jpg blue-brain-01.jpg

toolchain.gif inhibitory-neurons.jpg flying-through-the-column.jpg within-the-simulation.jpg


The simulation was created at the Technical University in Lausanne, Switzerland, where 35 researchers participate in maintaining this artificial brain. It runs on one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, but soon even that computer will be too small. The goal is to build a much bigger electronic thinking machine — one that would ultimately replicate the human brain.

Cerebral Cortex

The cerebral cortex, the convoluted “grey matter” that makes up 80% of the human brain, is responsible for our ability to remember, think, reflect, empathize, communicate, adapt to new situations and plan for the future. The cortex first appeared in mammals, and it has a fundamentally simple repetitive structure that is the same across all mammalian species.

What’s next for the Project?


The Blue Brain Project invites you to join an open discussion on future directions in reverse engineering large-scale biological systems, with presentations from world experts in systems biology, simulation and computing. This meeting will also provide a unique opportunity to hear from the Blue Brain team itself, with presentations on the tools and work flow of reconstructing and simulating the neocortical column.

SATELLITE EVENT (FENS 2008) The Blue Brain Project: Reverse-Engineering Biological Intelligence

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