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How does your website score?

Sitescore is a fantastic FREE tool that will view your website and score it based on how well Designed, Popular, and Accessible it is. They have a Top 10 and Top 500 to get into; Digg.com has a score of 8.6 (out of 10) and placed at 138, can you do better? The reports are well laid out and extremely descriptive; quite simply this is the best on-line tool for checking websites we have seen to date.


You have to sign up to use the service, but unlike SEOmoz which gives you a quick run down, and only one check per day, Sitescore gives unlimited checks per day and a much more descriptive breakdown.

What Sitescore Checks

Use of keywords, Number of pages, URL format, Alternative text, Images, Flash usage, W3C compliance, CSS Usage, Analytics software, Headings, Page Titles, Redirections, Search engine placement, Use of links, Readability, Fonts, Incoming links, Meta tags, Popularity Rank

And many more, it breaks down the scores into four major categories:

Accessiblity Score
The accessibility of this website for users with disabilities.
Quality score
The quality of the build and content of this website.
Search Score
How effectively this website is optimised for search engines.
Very Good
An overall summary score for this website

Request score via Email

You can request your score over email instead of waiting for it, which is a nice touch, as the checker can be a little slow at times. At the time of writing this, we scored an 8.7 which is not that bad considering we are due for a redesign in the coming months. Sitescore will give you honest advice for designing your site and some problems that you should consider fixing to make your site more Accessible.


They also have a forum which is populated by those who run tests and no-one else, which is great for keeping the ’spammers’ out and leaving high quality content, something quite unusual these days.

Getting in the Top 10

A list of the top 10 sites can be found on the front of the website. Getting into the top 10 is going to be extremely difficult, I’d love to hear from anyone who does manage it.

Top 500

Much more do-able, we are currently placed at position 127, which sounds terrible but when you consider digg.com is placed at 138 it doesn’t seem so bad. The competition is heating up fiercely and the very bottom of the Top 500 is now at 8.0, so that redesign will have to be sooner rather than later I think :)



Sitescore placed 127

Go ahead, request a login and Try out the tool for yourself and see if you can get in the Top 500.

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  1. Joe May 26, 2007

    Thanks! Check out the webagogo test suite (http://www.webagogo.be). I think it is even better :)

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  3. Annie June 30, 2007

    They seem to be having problems of late, think it might be down to too much demand, its a shame because it was a great tool.

  4. Go to Top of the page

  5. admin June 30, 2007

    I’ve been meaning to write an article on Webagogo, the guys over there are really friendly and helpful.

    They even helped me out with a tricky mod_deflate vs mod_rewrite problem I had. Cheers Joe

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  7. Widy December 10, 2009

    Thank you….. i’ll try..

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  9. Amol December 20, 2010

    Thanks you very much i will try

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  11. Steve May 21, 2011

    Thank you for this

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  13. sharon June 16, 2011

    Thank you

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  15. sharon June 16, 2011

    thank you i will try

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  17. Amelia McDonough January 11, 2012

    Thank you.

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  19. Gaylon January 26, 2012

    Thank you for the information. I will check out Sitescore now.

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