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Hitachi release first Terabyte Harddrive

Hitachi were the first to announce and produce their 1 Terabyte HDD, with Samsung and Seagate offerings soon to follow. Dates for those to hit the market are late August and end of September, respectively, leaving the Deskstar 7K1000 a few months to steal the limelight. Although all still seems quiet on the western front with Western Digital being rather silent about its drives. Price: £250, €400, $399

Hitachi Terabyte drive

In this drive comes Hitachi’s latest effort to reduce power consumption by up to 20 per cent - so we’ve been told. This is based around three low-power idle modes in the drive – active, upload and low-power. All of these are designed to extend the drives life by using non-operational modes.

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  1. janine excess December 21, 2009

    that’s good release! though it is a bit expensive but it is really great!

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