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Google Street View for the UK

Google’s street view technology has been available for sometime in the US, but the nanny state could once again stop a useful technology hitting the web for the UK.

Privacy International, a UK rights group, believes the technology breaks data protection laws.

Google has said it complies with all local laws, and is trialling a face blurring technology, using an algorithm that detects human faces in photographs and deploying it for the UK version.

But, still not happy, the matter will likely be referred to the Information Commissioner, and eventually be squashed.

For the time being Google is proceeding with its technology and detailed photographing of London is already in progress.

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  1. admin July 6, 2008

    I can see the pros and cons of this in the UK.

    But, it would help bring us closer to Japan in the Sat Nav department.

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  3. NovaLoca October 21, 2008
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