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Google Pagerank update January 2008


For those of you not yet aware or totally missed it (like we did) as of January 10th 2008, Google is updating its toolbar PageRank.

Each update causes a stir among the SEO community but does it really matter any more?

It’s common knowledge that page rank holds very little weight on search engine rankings. Old data, normally a couple of months at least, (~ October last change), shows you how little bearing it has on your ranking today.

I’ve always believed you should build and maintain a website for your customers and readers as well as for yourself; I enjoy adding new content, it’s a method of keeping up to date with current technologies and trends, as well as creating more genre specific content -

A lot of people use ‘Black hat’ SEO techniques to get a page noticed, which probably do work to a degree, but that’s kind of a moral choice to make more than anything… anyway, most of these methods are short lived - what’s that old saying?

It’ll all come out in the wash ;)

To find out your current page rank, add your url instead of ours:

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  1. sandeep January 12, 2008

    black hat seo techniques should not be adopted the result may be a ban for you

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  3. Vincent's Tip's & Trick's January 12, 2008

    3 of my blogs are already updated with new PR’s and they are all going up!!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of my blogs! I’m excited!!!

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  5. Dave January 13, 2008

    my serps have gone up but not my PR.
    My PR went to 0 at the last update.
    Don’t undertstand why the serps have increased if my PR is still the same unless PR does not affect the SERP

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  7. jonathon January 14, 2008

    the last google update hit my site hard, i lost most of my inner PR and only one page has gone up from unranked to pr2.

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  9. samrat January 14, 2008

    My PR went frm 0 to 3 in just 3 months..im so happy

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  11. admin January 14, 2008

    Well done Samrat, that’s quite a leap in a short space of time.

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  13. kredyt January 15, 2008

    My PR went from 1 to 4 in just 2,5 months - happy

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  15. Mirco January 15, 2008

    I still haven’t noticed any changes on all my 7 pages.

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  17. George January 16, 2008

    My PR also went up from 0 to 3 in three months also. One of my blogs went from a 5 to a 3. Every thing else remained the same.

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  19. zlecenia January 18, 2008

    PR5 -> PR6 nice, but another down :(

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  21. meble February 21, 2009

    Where Can I find information about the history Google Page Rank Update?

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  23. admin February 21, 2009
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  25. Steffan February 24, 2010

    Page Rank is not important now, like a few years ago.

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  27. voodish February 26, 2010

    Very true Steffan.

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