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Google pagerank update - 27th September 2008


Looks like Google has rolled out another PageRank update. Some sites have faired better than others, there has been a shift of 1 or 2 points for most sites, but there seems to be a higher page rank assigned to pages deeper within the hierarchy; giving more power to pages that really matter.

The last update was in July 2008. Roughly, Every 3-4 months, Google Updates its database and re-calculates the PR values & then updates Google Toolbars worldwide.

Most importantly the update is showing that inner pages are indexed properly and linking each other - to search backlinks, you need to search link:www.voodish.co.uk in google - replace www.voodish.co.uk with your website address.

If you’re not sure what your site’s PageRank is, you can learn that here: What is my Google PageRank? and if you want some ideas on how to improve it, you can find those here: Improve Your PageRank.

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  1. Cathode Ray September 27, 2008

    I’m glad that this update happened, my site finally received a PR2 after 6 months online!!

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  3. PureDezigner September 29, 2008

    Man to think I just launched my website, back in the middle of July 2008. I remember reading about the PR updates that were taking place at the end of the July, that’s when I was thinking to myself, man 3-6 months before the next update. But when I check my Alexa stat this evening I noticed something else. I just now finally had an update to my PR, From PR0 to PR3! It’s a simple website based on CSS and XHTML validated web projects I have in my portfolio, non the less, I am very happy about this update to my first ever SEO efforts in web. I’d love to see examples and reports on how your current SEO efforts are going and possible results from from the latest Google PR update, please share your updates with us?


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