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Fix Google Mail (G-mail) crashing Firefox

There have been a lot of reports about Google Mail crashing Firefox, normally when trying to access the ‘All Mail’ section of a Google Mail account.

Thankfully we think we’ve found the problem to be caused by the HTML Validator plugin trying to access mail.google.com, here’s how to modify it and get back to crash free browsing.

  1. Tools > Add-ons > Options from the the HTML validator section
  2. firefox-gmail-crashing-fix-01.gif

  3. Exceptions button located just right of the checked ‘Enable validation in the Browser’ text
  4. Enter mail.google.com into the ‘Address of web site’ field.
  5. Click Close > OK etc. and your done

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  1. Gautam August 19, 2008

    Thanks for this. It fixed my problem!

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  3. voodish September 25, 2008

    Great! Glad it helped someone out :)

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  5. vectorvend June 23, 2009

    Thank you for this it fixed my problem too!

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  7. Mario October 13, 2009

    for me the problem still there :(

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  9. admin October 13, 2009

    @Mario, try creating a new profile in firefox (make sure to untick the Don’t Ask at startup, so you can return to your old profile with ease)

    Follow the directions in this post:

    It may have something to do with another plugin you have installed, the directions shown will give you a clean profile for testing purposes.

    If this solves your problem, login to firefox with your old profile and then disable and test each plugin you have installed: Tools > Addons

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