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Google Analytics by Email, set a schedule

An extremely handy feature of the Google Analytics tool set is the ability to send reports to an email address. Like a few areas of the Google Admin accounts, finding tools can be a little tedious at times, so here we explain exactly how to set this up in 5 easy steps; including setting up a weekly schedule.

5 easy steps

1. Login into your Google analytics account if you haven’t already signed up you can do that here.
2. In the dashboard area click View reports


3. Click the Email button, located towards the top of the admin interface


4. Select a schedule - Now you can choose between a One time only report (using the default Send Now tab) or by clicking the Schedule tab, set up a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports. So fill in your email address/es, select a subject and description, format and then specify your date range.


5. Click Schedule to finish.


If you want to check out the report instantly simply use the Send Now tab, with the same details and click the Send button.
That’s it, all done, a very handy tool for getting those analytics to you without the need to login into your account.

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  1. Bryan Sirtosky March 9, 2009

    That’s great, but is there an option to specify WHAT TIME you want the report? I set up a weekly report to be delivered each Monday. It is now 11:45am on Monday and I (and more importantly my client) still don’t have these reports. She wanted them by 8AM each Monday. Seems to me that if a time cannot be specified, what’s the point?

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  3. admin March 9, 2009

    Your right it isn’t setup for specific times, probably to avoid unnecessary load on the servers.

    You could:

    Setup a Google mail account for her (if she hasn’t already got one) and give her access to the Analytic dashboard.

    This can be done within the Analytic section (bottom middle) select User Manager then click + Add User Top right of table > add her email address.


    Setup analytics for daily, then use some rules in the email program to shove the analytic emails into a separate folder to avoid clutter.

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  5. Lee July 9, 2011

    This is a great article and tool. The downside is that I now recieve tons of these email alerts and do not know how to turn them off. Please follow up with a segment on how to turn them off.

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  7. admin July 13, 2011

    Change the schedule to weekly from point 4 above.

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  9. Google Guide April 12, 2012

    The new BETA version of Analytics has now added scheduled reporting too.

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  11. admin April 12, 2012

    Good to see the new Analytics is incorporating the old 2009 scheduled reporting.

    Especially like the new Real Time feature.

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