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Glofiish V900 Mobile TV phone hits Taiwan

The new phone, slightly more compact than its predecessor, does have a fresh case design and goes with full touch interface using SPB Shell on top of Windoze Mobile 6.1, plus the 3-D transition effects for the file and program browsing. While the CPU is the same Samsung S3C 6400 533 MHz, the RAM amount was doubled to 128 MB catering for even larger applications.

Glofiish V900



DVB-T MOBILE digital television format has finally taken off in a few places - Taiwan has a dozen channels for your personal enjoyment there, if you’re familiar with the lingo, of course. So do Ozzies and Singaporeans. In the latter case, there is just one channel, TV Mobile, albeit at full TV resolution.

Established in 1985, publicly listed in 2000 (TAIEX 2432), E-TEN has grown to become a world distinguished designer and manufacturer of smart handheld devices. The company’s history of success began with the development of the first Chinese language input system for DOS based computers. E-TEN’s software was instrumental in helping introduce the personal computer revolution to Chinese markets and became a standard for international communications that is still in use today.

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