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Free iPad 3 for Business

Everyone says what’s the catch to getting a free iPad 3. There’s ALWAYS a catch, well there is a 2GB data bundle with Vodafone, it’s the best one we’ve come across since the iPad was launched and it only takes a few steps to set everything up and receive your free ipad 3.
free ipad 3

Grab your free iPad

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Free iPad 3
Download & watch Movies on the move, 2GB of Vodafone data per month Face time, 2GB of BT openzone WI – FI per month Book reading
No additional payment for hardware Surfing the web, 24 month contract 10 hour battery life, Thousands of Apps 200 software features’
£25 per month.

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  1. admin February 15, 2012

    Getting a new iPad 3 couldn’t be simplier. If your contract is up for renewal, don’t hesitate to grab a new iPad 3 in the deal!

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  3. ed209 February 19, 2012

    What’s the data bundle?

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  5. admin February 20, 2012

    2GB of Vodafone data per month for £30 £25

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  7. johnny12 February 26, 2012

    TBF, this sounds like a pretty decent deal, be honest with me are there any drawbacks to this?

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  9. admin February 26, 2012

    It’s a £30 £25 per month deal for 2GB of 3G data with Vodafone, which is pretty decent in itself, however you get a free iPad 3 for a limited time. These are flying out of the door atm.

    Honestly Johnny if you are concerned in any way send us a mail at contact@voodish.co.uk or give us a ring on Monday on 0845 466 7216, and we’ll talk this through with you.

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  11. Free iPads always come with a catch June 1, 2012

    I have yet to find a site that actually offers a FREE iPad without strings attatched. The offers are tied to long surveys or some other way to invoke action or ask for money.

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  13. admin June 1, 2012

    Yes, at least this is totally upfront about what is on offer; targeted more towards Business.

    Most Businesses require some type of 3G data contract (’true’ 4G is way off in the UK yet); Vodafone being the best in the UK at the moment, couple this with a free iPad 3 then it’s an extremely attractive deal.

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