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Forget E-reader and Kindle, think Polymer


The First Fold-able Screen Phone

A refreshable reading screen, the Readuis is a paper-toned film that rolls out of its mobile-phone-sized case to roughly the width of a paperback, launched in Italy later this year it has 4GB of memory and a remarkable 10-day battery life.

Key Features

  1. Weight: 115g
  2. Display size: 5″ diagonal (16grey scales)
  3. Device size: 115 x 57 x 21 mm
  4. Battery life: 30 hours of reading (240 hours standby)
  5. Connectivity: Tri Band / 3G HSDPA / USB 2.0
  6. Processor: ARM 400MHZ
  7. Storage: High Capacity Micro SD
  8. User interface: SimpleTouch Buttons
  9. www.polymervision.nl

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