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Fatal error: “no default carrier” FIX

Having problems with Prestashop displaying: Fatal error: “no default carrier” message, but only in certain browsers, perhaps Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera. Here’s a quick fix which got things working correctly for us.

Our problem was this error presenting itself in Chrome.
Oddly enough, Firefox, I.E, Opera etc. were all fine and dandy.
We tried a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) windows, but this wasn’t shifting the problem. So naturally we move onto browser data.

Our quick Fix - Delete your cookies

1. From the Settings Drop down spanner (top right), Select Settings ->
2. Under the Hood -> Privacy => Clear Browsing data -> from the pop up modal ->
2. ALTERNATIVE! Later versions of Chrome May find this under:
Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Clear Browsing data

3. Tick Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data -> Clear Browsing data and Refresh the page, all sorted :)

Fatal error no default carrier Fix


If you just want to test whether this is really your problem with Chrome and Cookies, then simply navigate to your website with the Chrome Incognito Window… simply right click on a link and choose from the menu.

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