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Fastest Broadband

A 75 year old woman from Karlstad in central Sweden has been thrust into the IT history books - with the world’s fastest internet connection. Sigbritt Löthberg’s home has been supplied with a blistering 40Gbps connection, many thousands of times faster than the average residential link, and the first time ever that a home user has experienced such a high speed.


How is this possible?

Sigbritt, who had never had a computer until now, is no ordinary 75 year old.

She is the mother of Swedish internet legend Peter Löthberg who, along with Karlstad Stadsnät, the local council’s network arm, has arranged the connection.

“This is more than just a demonstration,”

said network boss Hafsteinn Jonsson.

“As a network owner we’re trying to persuade internet operators to invest in faster connections. And Peter Löthberg wanted to show how you can build a low price, high capacity line over long distances,”

he told The Local.

Sigbritt will now be able to enjoy 1,500 high definition HDTV channels simultaneously. Or, if there is nothing worth watching there, she will be able to download a full high definition DVD in just two seconds.

No data Loss

The secret behind Sigbritt’s ultra-fast connection is a new modulation technique which allows data to be transferred directly between two routers up to 2,000 kilometres apart, with no intermediary transponders.

According to Karlstad Stadsnät the distance is, in theory, unlimited - there is no data loss as long as the fibre is in place.

“I want to show that there are other methods than the old fashioned ways such as copper wires and radio, which lack the possibilities that fibre has,”

said Peter Löthberg, who now works at Cisco.

Cisco contributed to the project but the point, said Hafsteinn Jonsson, is that fibre technology makes such high speed connections technically and commercially viable.

Windows woes

“The most difficult part of the whole project was installing Windows on Sigbritt’s PC,”

said Jonsson.

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  1. sdv July 15, 2007

    Life’s not fair :(

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  3. Sir OJ July 19, 2007

    sounds a bit like WOC technology but would be interested to read more about it.

    And I would be happy to know which provider allows me to download a full dvd every two seconds :-)

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  5. tr July 19, 2007

    we have 256kpbs in turkey. an we pay 40$ for it. what a shame.

  6. Go to Top of the page

  7. scitor July 19, 2007

    hehe, in Germany you get 16Mbit for 25€…

    but 40Gbit ? With this you could floodping some ISPs ;)

  8. Go to Top of the page

  9. Drumma July 20, 2007

    You know, I’m curious what the specs. are on her computer

  10. Go to Top of the page

  11. robert July 20, 2007

    Where do i sign up?

  12. Go to Top of the page

  13. dave July 20, 2007

    hehe, why would u waste that kind of speed on windows? :P

  14. Go to Top of the page

  15. Will July 20, 2007

    in U.S.A. i get 100mb for $50 and i thought it was a good deal. Tell me where to sign up

  16. Go to Top of the page

  17. Brandon July 20, 2007

    Yea, we have standard dial-up (56kbps…I think) for about $16, but its horribly slow. I wish one of MY close relatives was an internet legend.

  18. Go to Top of the page

  19. Tyler July 20, 2007

    Where Do I Sign Up…I Will Pay!

  20. Go to Top of the page

  21. Dan July 20, 2007

    £18 for 8MB here, but can get higher, just preferred the ISP :D

    But hell yea, I want some of that :P

  22. Go to Top of the page

  23. Rick July 21, 2007

    Mexico is about $50USD for 2MB, but the service is crappy so it tops al 1.6 MB.


  24. Go to Top of the page

  25. icerocker July 21, 2007

    wow :razz:

  26. Go to Top of the page

  27. Garii July 21, 2007

    I’ve got 100Mbps for £15 per month. I could do with faster though…

  28. Go to Top of the page

  29. Yasser July 21, 2007

    I pay around 95$ a month for a 512kbps DSL connection here in KSA, and thats one of the cheapest ISPs :(

  30. Go to Top of the page

  31. Jay M July 22, 2007

    Here in So Cal USA I pay $28 a month for 1.5 mbs Never thought it was a bargan, till now hehe.
    Must say there is a chance that it may start at 40gbps but add a user and 20gbps and 2 more and 10 gbps and so on and so on ?

  32. Go to Top of the page

  33. samer July 22, 2007

    here in saudi arabia .. i pay 480 $ every month for 4 mg dsl .. the service is very bad and very expensive :(

  34. Go to Top of the page

  35. josh.K July 22, 2007

    no samer here in KSA we pay around 678$ per month for 4Mbps

  36. Go to Top of the page

  37. Omar July 22, 2007

    well I m payin around 100$ for a 512Kbps Conncetion here in Bahrain with a
    15 GB downlaod limit also.

  38. Go to Top of the page

  39. booba July 22, 2007

    In France, it’s 30M/s for 19€. (You can have 100M/s for 29€ too)

  40. Go to Top of the page

  41. Jake July 23, 2007

    My town just came out with 5mb/s.. Woo what a break through…

  42. Go to Top of the page

  43. Graham July 23, 2007

    I pay $30 (CAD) for 100 mbps. You guys are all getting ripped off! $30 CAD is about $26 USD, or 15 GBP, or around 17-20 EUR.

  44. Go to Top of the page

  45. Anonymous July 26, 2007

    I am paying $75 for 100MB

  46. Go to Top of the page

  47. Dan July 26, 2007

    Up to 20mbps in Australia. Only ever get less than half that though. paying $60 AUD

  48. Go to Top of the page

  49. Lauren July 28, 2007

    We have 20 Mbps in the states on a Fibre connection for $50. Its fantastic! Its possible to get 100 Mbps, but its crazy expensive.

  50. Go to Top of the page

  51. Ruben July 31, 2007

    in australia we have some of the wors net connections on the planet, supposedly where payign $60 per month for 256k
    yet the service is so bad we only get 27k max

  52. Go to Top of the page

  53. Steviedisco August 2, 2007

    Bet she’s on usenet half the time.

  54. Go to Top of the page

  55. pete August 3, 2007

    Dunno what the other Aussies getting, but I am getting, 20mbps non-stop, for $60aus, per month.

  56. Go to Top of the page

  57. Nedi August 6, 2007

    Here in Bulgaria I pay $10 per month for a 2Mb/s.

  58. Go to Top of the page

  59. Bob August 8, 2007

    Tanzania: 40/= per MEG which works out around $35 a gig. It’s ADSL 2Mbps in theory, 5 or 600k if you’re lucky (and hammering it), and most of the time (esp 7am to 7pm) you’re lucky if you can so much as stream a Youtube clip without it stuttering and pausing.

    For the arithmetically challenged, even with a humble 128kbps CIR a 24/7 connection would give you about a gig a day. In Tanzania even if you ONLY did a gig a day, you’d be spending $1000 a month.

    That’s cheap. Don’t even get me started on what it costs to do it on HSDPA…

    You guys whining about prices make me laugh…

  60. Go to Top of the page

  61. Peter August 9, 2007

    In Thailand (BKK) 1 Mbps (TRUE) USD 18/month and it works 24/7 :)

  62. Go to Top of the page

  63. Dave August 10, 2007

    DSL 6mbps, wish I had a famous swede internet guru as a son.

  64. Go to Top of the page

  65. Sphaggy August 12, 2007

    That’s crazy.. what server will allow downloads of 40 gb per second? Though, I’m being hypocritical, I sure damn want that damn speed internets plox..
    I hate the Philippines connection rates

  66. Go to Top of the page

  67. justin August 20, 2007

    i get 300mbps for 20 usd a month

    i feel special in il.

    but that is awsome how can i get that here?????

  68. Go to Top of the page

  69. AscIId August 22, 2007

    Working in networking myself, I would have to say that it is impossible to download a full movie because of limitations on the computer, even with advanced SAS and SAN SCSI devices it is only possible to move less than 1Gb/s onto hard disk, unfortunately even if router buffers could take that fast a transfer, the download would also be capped by the host server…

  70. Go to Top of the page

  71. MrUSA August 23, 2007

    Quoting off transfer speeds as though they exist for you at home, LOL, “I can get 100Mb for $***”, rubbish.

    Try more like 12mbps if you are lucky. Just because your Ethernet is a 100mps or a 1000mps, doesn’t mean you see anything anywhere near that.

  72. Go to Top of the page

  73. 40Gbps-ya-ok August 25, 2007

    ummm… OK 40Gbps; That is just a waste of bandwidth for one user. Do the math, bits to Bytes and bytes to bits with throughput, bus speed, read/write speed of memory and hard drives, there is not host that can handle that much throughput

  74. Go to Top of the page

  75. john August 30, 2007

    paying US$21 for a 384kbps subscription. well thats their advertised speed. but actually speeds only averages about 100kbps.
    ISP: SmartBRO (PLDT)
    here in the philippines

  76. Go to Top of the page

  77. shazzy September 17, 2007

    ok wait i got 24MB for £20 a month and i thought it was the highest watz teh highest u can get in London or England ?????? and what provider

  78. Go to Top of the page

  79. Peter November 6, 2007

    I heard about this along time ago, she uses a fiber connection, and the fact that she must have a 15,000 RPM HDD and about 3 gigs of 1066 mghz RAM with a decent cpu. Bummer you cant sign up for this internet. But you can get one that uses the same principal if you live in La, and san deago, or okland for $50 a month. (45 mps down and about 25 up)

  80. Go to Top of the page

  81. Leslei December 15, 2007

    here in Brazil I get 2mb/R$108,00, about US$60€, 29£
    a shame

  82. Go to Top of the page

  83. T D January 6, 2008

    Looks like MULTIPLE hd streams is the only thing it’ll be good for, since I’ve never heard of a server that can upload at 40gbps… can pcs read hdds at 40gbps? Imagine having 1tb of ram so you can make a ramdrive to store data…
    Here in the uk I get ~12mb for £25/$50 a month, pretty cheap for the uk.

  84. Go to Top of the page

  85. robincoops January 21, 2008

    in mauritius u paying nearly £40 to get 1 mb most peoplr are still on 56k modem as it a rip off …

  86. Go to Top of the page

  87. coolguy February 6, 2008

    even though the connection shows 100 mbps why the file downloading speed is just 500 kbps only. some body please clarify???

  88. Go to Top of the page

  89. nathan April 5, 2008

    i live in commerce california and i pay $12 USD for a 700 mb connection and a free wireless router. but it turns off in the middle of the night whe i use it most. so i just run with my laptop to the back of my friends house and he lets me sit in his back yard and get his wi-fi free which is probably 1,300 mbps. he pays $20 usd a month ,i have been to ausi and have had to pay 400 usd to get a decent 100 mbps for 2 days. mexico wi-fi sucks also,the best ive ever had was in my house,italy,miami,new york,puerto rico,and in my other house in downtown la.

  90. Go to Top of the page

  91. Jacob September 10, 2008

    100mb Connection in Australia. You must think that we are all a bunch of brain dead morons. The Fastest internet that you CAN get here is 30mbps and you can only get that in Melbourne and Sydney. Otherwise you can only get ADSL2+ which does 22Mbps and thats if you live next to the ISP

  92. Go to Top of the page

  93. Nathaniel September 12, 2008

    I pay &30 for 120Mbps, but DAMN!

  94. Go to Top of the page

  95. ash September 29, 2008

    In India,i get 2mb/s for $15.
    pretty cheap here.

  96. Go to Top of the page

  97. huss October 11, 2008

    i get 512kpbs for 25$

  98. Go to Top of the page

  99. shervin December 11, 2008

    im from iran but im not ahmadi nejad
    im enjoyin my 23kbps :D for 10$ thas the maximum speed in here :((

  100. Go to Top of the page

  101. RANA PRATAP SINGH February 10, 2009


  102. Go to Top of the page

  103. Adam Smith March 2, 2009

    I have a 8 Megabit connection for UK£5 a month and it works fine.

  104. Go to Top of the page

  105. maria March 31, 2009

    she’s very lucky…I hate the super slow internet connection here.

  106. Go to Top of the page

  107. top April 26, 2009

    dang! why can’t the philippines have that connection?
    1 mbps costs around $20.. sucks..

  108. Go to Top of the page

  109. Moudy June 9, 2009

    LOL in Egypt it costs $1000 (US) for a 24mb connection and the service sucks! :(

  110. Go to Top of the page

  111. 40GB/S !?! September 5, 2009

    lol i pay 65€ for a 5 Mb/s Connection on Cable every month but i get pretty decent download speeds , like 1.2 Mb/S and upload like 600Kb/s thats good isn’t it?

  112. Go to Top of the page

  113. sze wei October 1, 2009

    i pay USD26 2 get maximum 100kb/s speed download only. this sucks. malaysia here btw.

  114. Go to Top of the page

  115. andrew November 8, 2009

    OK wtf, im in Iwakuni japan on the MC air station and i get 150 Kb/s max for $55 a month. out in town the japs are getting 100+ MB/s for liek $30 a month. i hate slow internet.

  116. Go to Top of the page

  117. M-A-R-1 November 16, 2009

    here in Tunisia, u can get 4Mb/s fo 38$/month!!!! it really sucks guyz!!!!!

  118. Go to Top of the page

  119. zzz March 29, 2010

    In Malaysia, i am paying RM60( 17 US dollar ) for 2MBps.

  120. Go to Top of the page

  121. Adrian April 27, 2010

    In the Philippines, My ISP is Globe Telecom, we are paying it for 795.00 PHP (17.8973 USD) for the speed of 1.5Mbps. I was very surprised when I see 40Gbps from the ISP of Sweden because of the fastest connection. I wish it is available for our country.

  122. Go to Top of the page

  123. 6GB !? May 18, 2010

    I’v heard from some of my friend they have 6Gbps speed internet per month 2500$ x) is it possible to have internet speed over (100Gbps) ?
    Even if it’s worse over 200,000$ i don’t mind to buy it.

  124. Go to Top of the page

  125. asdf June 8, 2010


    I pay about 16 USD for 100 Mbps

  126. Go to Top of the page

  127. terry June 11, 2010

    I get 23meg for £22 a month never slows down great service lovely help desk :D i r happy

  128. Go to Top of the page

  129. James June 21, 2010

    LOL! i have a Fibreoptic plan in aus and i get around 30mb a second for around $140, and trust me all you need is that, this 40gbit is way to fast none ‘NEEDS’ this. and all those people asking to sign up if you had read it correctly you would have seen that it was just a test to see how fast they COULD get it. and i am sure this speed will not be available for a couple of years (and you would pay a shit load) so stop day dreaming and just get a reasonable connection speed plan. :D:D

  130. Go to Top of the page

  131. admin June 21, 2010

    “640K is more memory than anyone will ever need”
    Bill Gates, 1981.

  132. Go to Top of the page

  133. No-James July 27, 2010

    No you don’t James, we don’t have residential fibre here in Australia currently ;)

  134. Go to Top of the page

  135. Mark September 14, 2010

    Pointless as I rarely see any website/server that can top out my relatively wimpy and way overpriced 16Mbps Cable connection. So the onus of bandwidth is on all these web sites especially PC and hardware manufacturers, their driver downloads are horrid. And other websites just don’t need to give each user that much bandwidth, unless they reinvent how the internet is presented.

  136. Go to Top of the page

  137. GURPREET SINGH December 5, 2010


  138. Go to Top of the page

  139. pr0fessi0nal December 20, 2010

    100mbps for about 50$ a month here, no limits ofc. Yes, I live in Sweden :3

  140. Go to Top of the page

  141. Kkkkiren January 1, 2011

    Whoa, and I thought the us had fast speeds,
    I currently reside in india and I pay 100 dollars a month for 32 Mbps,
    Expensive but fast
    Back in the us I used to get 40 Mbps with vdsl,
    But a thousand times faster,
    I mean what the hell can an old lady do with such speeds!!!!

  142. Go to Top of the page

  143. Comment.com January 6, 2011

    ok ok, most of you guys says 40gbps is useless per subscriber, but tons of us wants that speed, well think of it this way, the 40gbps is used by the operators for country to country connection which i think would be around 10,000$ a month, then that 40gbps is splitted up for us residents, like wise, if you get like a plan for 20mbps you’d only pay around 5$ a month! that is if you dont pay taxes, so lets say 10$ a month for 20mbps, who the heck doesnt want that? and to top it all of, its a flat 20mbps, no sharing, its all yours =).

  144. Go to Top of the page

  145. Tom March 7, 2011

    I live in Australia and right now i only have 150kps max…lol

  146. Go to Top of the page

  147. ashif May 16, 2011

    will the ordinary computer hardware be able to transfer such highspeeds!!!???………………
    Guys…anyway we don’t have supercomputer in our home….:)

  148. Go to Top of the page

  149. sp33d May 17, 2011

    @ashif, good point, what would that work out to? ~4000MB/s which even beyond the latest USB3 / SATA3 standards…

    Still, this could be a shared connection for a small town for example.

  150. Go to Top of the page

  151. Imran May 30, 2011

    it is not possible to handle this much internet speed for a personnal computer. first buy a super or superior than super computer then think about taking this connection of so called 40 gbps.

  152. Go to Top of the page

  153. Daniel June 23, 2011

    I don’t really care about bandwidth. I can connect the most powerful machine I can engineer, but at the end of the day delay (i.e. latency) is what determines if my day to day internet activities will be a pleasure or a nightmare.
    Sadly, no provider advertieses/sells “low latency” connections in the retail/home/consumer market, and spending the money for a business account is no fun.

  154. Go to Top of the page

  155. Latvia, EU July 10, 2011

    In Latvia I get optic conecton to house with my copper cable and speed test shows 72Mbps download and upload 20Mbps, in reality Uttorent file upload shows 400-500KBsfor world and download 1500-2900KBs.

    And the price 9.79USD m.

  156. Go to Top of the page

  157. faheem July 30, 2011

    i live in srilanka.i get 100mbps connection. Fastest internet in southasia. With 30 gb download limit.its more than enough…

  158. Go to Top of the page

  159. Jacob August 10, 2011

    1ghz fibre optic plan.. it kick ass.. just launch in singapore

  160. Go to Top of the page

  161. hum hum October 30, 2011

    indonesian here, about 5$ for 768 kbps per month, and we complain bitterly. It’s not unusual for a download to go for weeks, sometimes months.

  162. Go to Top of the page

  163. hum hum October 30, 2011

    although you can get (theoritically) 14 Mbps for 40$ a month in Indonesia.

  164. Go to Top of the page

  165. To faheem November 20, 2011

    well faheem our internet speed is faster than yours… well here in Philippines our speed is 128mbps (skyBroadband) well another fastest in asia :D….

  166. Go to Top of the page

  167. SOLANGI November 26, 2011

    i’ve 1MB in $6, but it too slow.
    transfer rate per sec 124kbps its bulls**t. ):

  168. Go to Top of the page

  169. Ken Rivas December 11, 2011

    what is that woman doing with such a fast internet connection?

  170. Go to Top of the page

  171. Mo January 20, 2012

    40 gbps my ass, there is no such thing.This guy must be on crack or something

  172. Go to Top of the page

  173. dave007 February 21, 2012

    What a lode of bull!!!
    I pay £35 per month to virgin media for up to 50mbps.
    They are doubling the speed for 50mbps users to 100mbps.
    Virgin media fastest in the UK.
    I’m in Manchester,England.

  174. Go to Top of the page

  175. ed209 February 22, 2012

    This is indeed doable, I think what a lot of peeps are forgetting here is that a 40GB connection doesn’t mean a data transfer of 40GB per second.

    It will resolve to around 1GB/3GB per second… which can be written to disk using the latest PCIe SSD cards.

    50MB / 100MB from Virgin will equate to around 2-3MB per sec / 6-8MB per sec respectively; which even HDD’s can easily write to disk - hell you transfer that amount on the fly to spinning optical media.

  176. Go to Top of the page

  177. SLBotes March 9, 2012

    In South Africa about 30 US$ for 40 GB bandwidth with the speed of about 2Mb/s

  178. Go to Top of the page

  179. kah March 13, 2012

    i get around 28 megs and pay 78 usd i get wireless router but i can stream to 3 different devices with no prob.

  180. Go to Top of the page

  181. Hasan March 15, 2012

    I get 1Mb/s (300GB Bandwidth) here in Pakistan and pay 8£/month..

  182. Go to Top of the page

  183. WOW March 16, 2012

    40GBPS wow!!! its HEAVEN!
    im sure im gonna buy alot of EXTERNAL HARDDISK
    SERVER 1000000000 TB

  184. Go to Top of the page

  185. akib May 11, 2012

    i also want that internet connection at my home too my internet is too slow i m very hungry for this internet

  186. Go to Top of the page

  187. marsinil August 4, 2012

    in a “random” country, you’ve got 153kbps for about US$10… God doesn’t bless mine…

  188. Go to Top of the page

  189. LUIS ORPINELL December 3, 2012

    I Get 9.80 Mbs some time 10.00 Mbs. In MEXICO is free WI-Fi. good

  190. Go to Top of the page

  191. NikitoGR December 5, 2012

    In Greece I have 24mbps connection, I’m downloading with 1,5MB/s max and I pay 35€/month (inluding telephone line). We also have 30mbps and 50mbps which cost max 50€

  192. Go to Top of the page

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