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FREE Export Orders To Quickbooks CSV in Prestashop


This FREE Prestashop module allows you to export all your orders into a compatible CSV file for importing into Quickbooks by Intuit Software.

Makes the account keeping process much more streamlined.

Sorry this module has now been discontinued, download still available.

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“A flawless module for Prestashop, adding another level of functionality to the Account keeping process, a must have.”

Making the account keeping process much more streamlined, this Quickbooks CSV module for Prestashop is fantastically simple to install and uses great features such as a date picker facility to allow you to specify a date range for your orders to be exported to the Quickbooks compatible csv file.

Date Picker
Export orders to quickbooks csv prestashop

Back Office Module / Effortless intergration
Back office setup and configuration

Install / Uninstall with ease
Install and Uninstall with easef

Download FREE

Quickbooks CSV Module for 1.3.x

This one of kind quickbooks CSV exporter for Prestashop 1.3.x

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  1. Admin March 15, 2011

    Now updated for March 2011

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  3. liteneat April 8, 2011

    Very neat, super helpful admin too, thanks!

  4. Go to Top of the page

  5. admin April 12, 2011

    Thanks liteneat, we’ve now re-constructed the code so it’s much more streamlined and we’ll be sending you the new version free of charge :)

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  7. StormJewel July 22, 2011

    Hi, thanks for this, unfortunately when I use it the csv is blank apart from column headings.

  8. Go to Top of the page

  9. John Doe August 10, 2011


    The module doesnt work …(ps1.3.6)
    Im getting a csv file with table names and that is it.
    No data in there.Whats wrong??

  10. Go to Top of the page

  11. Jeff Moe August 29, 2011

    What is the license of your module?

  12. Go to Top of the page

  13. steve September 16, 2011

    Hey, it’s a great module! but, unfortunately I got a bug inside it.. Each line of my orders are duplicated.. You can check your e-mail, I’ve attached the picture. Please fix this module. Thank you! :)

  14. Go to Top of the page

  15. Richard September 21, 2011

    Hi Can you send me the updated version please it only downloads one order into a spreadsheet thanks

  16. Go to Top of the page

  17. James September 22, 2011

    Thanks - just what im looking for! How can I hook it into the stats tab?

  18. Go to Top of the page

  19. Matt | ZuZu Lagenlook September 27, 2011

    Hi Voodish (good name!)
    Can one use this free Prestashop Module for version 1.4?
    Kind regards,

  20. Go to Top of the page

  21. john September 28, 2011

    hi, this isnt working on 1.4, is it supposed to in the 2011 update?

  22. Go to Top of the page

  23. Designer October 11, 2011

    Is there a 1.4 version?

  24. Go to Top of the page

  25. admin October 12, 2011

    Sorry this has now been discontinued. We have left it available for those wanting to modify the code at their leisure.

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