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Digg List Code

Digg List

If you’re like us and are always checking the front page of DIGG for the latest articles and don’t always have time for offsite / off program feeds, this neat piece of code creates a catalogue of the Latest Links from DIGG and displays them in a neat list on your Blog, CMS or Static site.

We’ve placed it in the Sidebar of our Articles section, so we can keep an eye on the latest articles. In some respects, it’s similar to the Stumble Upon button, but much more guided towards the content you want to see rather than finding out after you’ve clicked it.

A Simple Concept

It seems a simple concept, but once you start using it, it’s a great tool for the author and visitors a like.


This code was developed by Nick Halstead, a developer for over 14 years, you can find Nick on and this code at: http://blog.assembleron.com/code-bank/

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  1. Phil April 28, 2007

    Seems to work well ,there’s is a touch of slow down though.. works in Opera/IE/Mozilla Thumbs Up

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  3. Dan April 30, 2007

    Hi Phil, yes I noticed a bit of slow down in the rendering of the sidebar, but it’s just down to code grabbing the information from the DIGG website.

    Another thing I have noticed, is that the links produced by the code can make your pages invalid; due to the URL’s using the & sign, and the validator wanting to see the & amp; As this is solely down to the link URL structure of the linked website, it’s not really a major problem.

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