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Coupon Code in Order Confirmation Email - Magento

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A very simple, non-technical way of including your coupon code in your order confirmation emails.

Magento has changed a lot over various different releases, when something worked in one version it suddenly didn’t in a new release, so this may or may not be applicable to your current version, but if you are experiencing coupon codes not showing and want a super easy way to do it, without touching any code then read on.

Place your coupon code in your Label

Here’s how:

1. Open Magento admin -> Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules

2. Select your Coupon

3. In the Label option paste your coupon code.

Your coupon code will now show at checkout and in the email confirmation supplied to the customer.
If time is an issue and you just want to get this working asap, then this method is super simple and doesn’t involve digging into any code; core or otherwise :)


Use this coupon code: voodish20 in the following basket »


Coupon Code: voodish20

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  1. liteneat April 8, 2011

    I hadn’t thought of doing it that way - really easy when you think about it.

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  3. admin April 9, 2011

    Great, I’m glad it was helpful :)

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  5. tezza April 9, 2011

    Cool, thanks for that - also how did you send that product to cart?

  6. Go to Top of the page

  7. admin April 9, 2011

    @tezza, there is a magento wiki about it. Basically you use the product ID and option ID’s in the checkout url string.

    The option ID’s can be found in the code of your product if unsure of the correct ID. Turning off the cookie redirect enabled this to work on 1.4.*

    Check out the wiki here

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  9. Manish B June 21, 2011

    Hello Guys,

    I have created one magento admin module with product listing block. There is product list come as well as good but sorting and filtering is not working. Ajax loader is continue loading. i checked code but i didnt get what is issue. anybody help me ? or any advice ?


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  11. Teodor Kolev August 18, 2011

    Not worked for me! I am using Magento ver. Any other idea?

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