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Could Apple bring OLED keyboards to the mainstream?


Should Art Lebedev sell up to Apple and let the Big Guns develop the technology for the masses? OLEDs are currently very expensive, and this is reflected in the Optimus Maximus price tag ($1,490).

But could Apples buying power help change the future of OLED and the likelihood of anyone this side of sensible owing an OLED ‘board before 2020? Sure, they shouldn’t sell for this reason alone, but they aren’t exactly flying off the production line (200 units pre xmas ‘07, 400 post) - and with Apple already registering a patent extremely similar, Could it already be too late for Art Lebedev to cash in?

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It’s been talked to death, but then the Optimus Maximus keyboard is like no other -

Each key (in the Full fat version at least) has a 48 by 48 pixel OLED display behind it, that is completely programmable to display different fonts / colours / shapes and sizes - here’s a quick vid for those who haven’t seen it «



Yeap, it’s nice ‘n’ shiny, glows in the dark, fully configurable and most people want one, but with the hefty mark-up of over a $1k US, the board has sunken low in most peoples expectations of one ever gracing their desk. But could Apple bring the whole thing forward?

Apple have recently filed a patent for a ‘Dynamically controlled keyboard’ - the contents of which are considerably similar to that of the Optimus Maximus’s -

Not sure what they are playing at there then, as the idea has been the brain child of Art Lebedeve for a long time, but, and this is the choker, the majority of customers will not care who manufacturers the product, as long as it is within a reasonable budget, carry a 12 month warranty and does what it says on the tin, they will fly out regardless of brand.

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